Community Outreach

We at Caring Pet Sitting love to help animals in all ways. We volunteering regularly at Palm Beach County ARF (Animal Rescue Force), helping find homes for rescues pets as well as collect donations. Also every month we donate a portion of our proceeds to ARF, helping in any way possible.

You can learn more about ARF on their website at: www.animalrescueforce.org

Artz by Zophia

Zophia want to help the world. She uses her individual, creative ideas to enjoy the world around her, create an expression and enlighten others. From these she hopes to help support the local Animal rescue facilities find homes for their dogs and cats. Join the fun and love of her short stories, photos, drawings, and more.

Latest Photography & Painting

Artz by Zophia enjoys taking photos that thrill, excite and make us smile. She continues to learn and experiment with all types of art forms, leading to wonderful photos of nature. Her Summer project is painting dog and cat portraits of animal in need of rescue and posted them on social media and around town.

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ARF Portraits 2019

Photo Album 2019

Photo Album 2018

Photo Album 2017

Latest Books & Stories

Artz by Zophia has a natural knack and skill to create art, stories that thrill, excite and make us ponder. She continues to learn and experiment with all types of art forms, leading to creative short stories with humor, drama and comedy. She has created stories for the Delray Library, local journals and art blogs.

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Girl in the Window © 2017

Catwoman © 2015

Saige © 2014

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