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Fitness Books compiled and amassed from over 30 years of experience and detailed studies, our Health books are offered to enhance your body, mind and spirit. Including comprehensive lists, thousands of exercises, dozens of disciplines, psychology, humor, science and creativity to promote complete wellness in all areas of life.

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He Lives Long That Lunges Well

Some of Virtu-fit's most effective Lower Body Plyometric exercises: Jump squat Lateral hop Split jack Standing triple jump Standing long jump Box jump or depth jump Standing calf jump Jumping jacks Jumping rope Back jump NOTE: Perform 3 rounds consisting of 60 seconds...

He Who Makes No Muscle Aches, Makes Nothing

Some recommended Body Weight Conditioning exercises: Squat Floor Tricep Dip Crunch One Leg Balance, Eyes Closed Calf Raise Down Dog Pushup Side Lying Crunch Balance On Toes, Eyes Closed Back Lunge Supine Lat Pullover Superman/Bow Pose Heel-Toe Line Walk, Eyes Closed...

He Workouts Best Who Knows His Weights

Some of my favorite exercises for Advanced Body Weight Cardio sessions. Runners Get ups Crisscross Burpees Teaser/paulina Pushup knee to elbow Half burpees Jump squat Incline plane/sit up toe touch Jump lunge Ninja jumps High/low plank Superdog Swimmers Scorpion...

If You Throw Enough Medballs, Some Of Them Will Stick

Some effective Plyometric Core Exercises: Medicine ball sit up Medicine ball sit up throwing ball to partner Medicine ball overhead front throw to partner Medicine ball overhead backward throw to partner Medicine ball speed twist sit up Spiderman crawl on floor Drop...

In Every Beginning Think Of The Bend

Enjoy these wonderful Hamstring Stretches: Seated one leg straight, other foot to thigh forward bend Seated straight leg forward bend Standing cross leg, forward bend Standing leg on bench forward bend Standing toe touch Supine one leg bent, other leg straight on wall...

Spinners Never Quit And Quitters Never Spin

One of my favorite classes I dubbed X-Cycling. On and off the bike, great for core, strength and one of the top cardio burners! Here’s a sample class: Bike, warm up Jumping jacks, one minute Bike, sprints Pull up or vertical row, one minute Bike, climbs Pushup, one...

Judge Not of Men and Exercises at First Sight

Keeping Ego In Check Releasing resentment against the pace of life. Our resentment indicates that ego wishes to keep control. Claiming our ‘undesirable’ parts as parts of ourselves that have lost their ‘song’. Contemplating deeply the meaning of the great truth:...

Keep Your Eyes Closed And Your Mind Open

Meditation benefits Spiritual Helps keep things in perspective Provides peace of mind, happiness Helps you discover your purpose Increased self-actualization. Increased compassion Growing wisdom Deeper understanding of yourself and others Brings body, mind, spirit in...

Let Every Man Praise The Bridge He Isometrically Stabilizes

Here are some of our favorite Bridge Variants: Standard bridge (arms down, feet down) Yoga bridge (hands interlaced under bridge) Pilates bridge One-leg bridge (arms up or down) One-leg heel-life bridge (arms up or down) Stability ball bridge Stability ball one-leg...

Live Not To Compete, But Compete To Live

A few notable Stability Ball Workout Advanced exercises. Enjoy the challenge and the variety. Diamond hip lift, feet on stability ball Supine reverse crunch, hands holding stability ball Thigh twist, stability ball between ankles, legs in air Bridge roll, feet on...

Make Play While the Sun Shines

Healthy Recommendations Drink tea in aluminum or glass mugs Put drinking water in glass containers (try used kombucha bottles) Exercise the mind via brain gym each day Exercise the body with variety each day (key term ‘variety’) Finish eating when I am content, not...

Never Put Off Til Tomorrow What You Can Run Today

Here are some basics regarding sensible Running: Limit to no more than 3 times per week Purchase appropriate footwear Stay mentally and physically relaxed Move naturally/keep consistent stride Keep form neutral and relaxed Run within your limits/biomechanics Avoid...

Stretch My Back And I’ll Stretch Yours

Some of our favorite Lumbar stretches: Cat/dog Childs pose Cobra pose Seated bent knee toe touch Seated straight leg forward bend Sphinx pose Standing cross leg toe touch Standing toe touch Supine one leg bent knee pull in Supine over stability ball Supine two leg...

Haste Makes Waist

Breathe Be confident Focus/concentrate Identify weaknesses and improve Leave ego at door Listen to body signals Make fitness a lifestyle Meditate Plan ahead Take your time Think about the mind-muscle link Think positively Visualize muscle targeted Use the ‘Psychology...

The Wisest Wo/men Follow their own Progression

Here our our foundations BEFORE one even sets foot on the fitness floor. One must have a p[roper positive attitude for health and fitness to be fun, safe and effective. Proper Routine Building Be proactive AND reactive Control powerhouse (core) Focus on your form and...

We Soon Believe What We Inspire

Some ways that Meditation benefits our Psychological. Builds self-confidence. Increases serotonin level, influences mood and behaviour. Resolve phobias & fears Helps control own thoughts Helps with focus & concentration Increase creativity Increased brain wave...

What’s Good for the Juicer Is Good for the Blender

Here are some of our fave Recovery Drinks & Foods: Drinks: Almond milk Ayurvedic electrolight drink Coconut milk Coconut water Combo shake (proteins, carbs and fats) Fruit shake Protein shake Veggie shake Water Foods: Avocado Bananas Berries Broccoli Coconut Oil...

When Angry, Crunch To A Hundred

Just like counting numbers, counting reps can level your anger or anxiety and boost you health at the same time Here is one of our favorite workouts, called ‘VPT Walking The Plank Workout.’ Use appropriate reps, some have suggestions. High/low plank – 1x90 seconds...

Fitness Variety

Health & Fitness progression relies on variety to be safe, effective and exciting. A fitness routine should be anything but routine. There are hundreds of ways to do this. As long as you have proper breathing, good form and core stabilization, the sky’s the limit....

Nutritional Info & Basic Forearm Exercises

EATING AND DRINKING HEALTHIER Eat like a tourist in Greece If you can't grow it, don't eat it Read the back of the box first The crunchier, the better A frozen berry beats a fresh doughnut You can't replace real ice cream There's no fruit in "fruit flavor" If it's not...

You Must Be The Change You Wish To See In The World

Body Weight Cardio Exercises for Intermediate level athletes. Jumping jacks Tricep dip Side jump lunge Pushup Low jacks Superman V half burpees One leg deadlift Mountain climbers Supine leg lift Burpees Bicycles NOTE: Perform 2 rounds, the first for 30 seconds and the...

Where Thou Art, That is Om

 “Cardio Yoga” is a great way to get some worthwhile activity.Use these sequence to enhance your practice. Sun Salutation A Sun Salutation B Sun Salutation B with high lunge Sun Salutation B with warrior II Sun Salutation B with warrior III Sun Salutation B Sun...

Whether You Think You’re Fit Or Think You’re Not, You’re Right

Here are some of the psychological benefits of following a healthy fitness regime. Decreased resting heart rate Improved hormonal function Increased aerobic capacity; cardio respiratory function Increased energy Lowered Cholesterol level Lowered Triglyceride level;...

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get One More Rep

Fitness grants us all sorts of benefits. The follows two lists show some General and some Physical benefits of pursuing health & fitness workouts. General Benefits: Improved balance Improved cardiac health Improved coordination Improved functionality Improved...

There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunge

We tend to overtrain quads and undertrain hams—So let’s get to it! Some of our best hamstring exercises. Deadlift Forward lunge Jump lunge One leg deadlift Prone dumbbell leg curl Prone leg curl Seated leg curl Standing machine leg curl Step up Traveling lunge NOTE:...

Coordination Training

Try these advanced techniques to continue your health and fitness adventure. Agility training exercises Contra-lateral movements Double Bosu® jumps Exercises with one or both eyes closed Juggling Ladder drills Lower Body plyometric exercises Medicine ball throws on...

The Only Stupid Exercise is the One that is not Performed

Some of our favorite balance exercises. Use these to improve posture, balance, stability. Use your core! Bosu® ball training Cable exercises Drills on disks, boards and foam Line walking and variations Lunge and variations Medicine ball drills One-leg training...

There’s More than One way to Chin a Bar

Here are some of our fave pull up variations: Close-grip (curl) chin up Neutral-grip pull up Wide grip (overhand) pull up Wide grip (reverse) pull up Verticals row (various grips) Vertical Suspension row (various grips) Negative chins (assisted up, lower unassisted)...

The Core Shall Set you Free

A special two-fur for us covid isolates. See below for part two of blog. Some of our fave core exercises. Have fun! Corkscrew Low side plank crunch, lower and lift hips V sit up Stability ball hip lift Stability ball crunch with band Stability ball back extension...

Quick Anatomy Quiz

Quick anatomy quiz for our exercise folks. Answers at bottom. What is the: Number bones in human bodyNumber muscles in human bodyNumber joints in human bodyLargest muscle in humanStrongest muscle in humanLargest bone in humanLargest joint in humanSmallest bone in...

Reps Should Be Seen and Not Heard

Hear are some of our foundational Workout Basics: Continuous breathing, exhale on exertion Do slow controlled reps Exercise all muscle groups unless contraindicated Focus on your exercise Maintain neutral spine/pelvis as appropriate Perform 8 and 20 per set Stretch...

Practice What You Preach-er curl

Here are our favorite Bicep Exercises to use and experiment with. Have fun! Barbell bicep curl Dumbbell bicep curl Preacher bicep curl Low cable bicep curl Concentration bicep curl High cable bicep curl Negative chin Chin up or partial chin up Bicep dumbbell curl 21’s...

Caribbean Workout

Here are some innovative combos of exercises to give you a full body, integrated functional, quick and effective session. Takes 30-45 minutes only. These were actual workouts done on a recent trip. Enjoy! Day 1- Bosu Squat-Inverted Bosu pushup (Biset, 3x) Burpees...

Om Wasn’t Built in a Day

Some of our favorite Seated Yoga poses for life-long hip and back health. Seated forward fold pose Wide leg forward fold pose Half lotus pose Pigeon pose King pigeon pose Double pigeon pose Cow face pose NOTE: Perform 2–3 rounds holding for 20–60 seconds. Perform more...

Om Sweet Om

Yoga retreats are a great way to travel, learn new things and meet people. Here are some we recommend. Bahia, Brasil  – Butterfly House Bahia Boracay Island, Philippines – Mandala Spa and Villas Gstaad, Switzerland – Formentera Yoga Kerala, India – The Leela Koh...

Loose Reps Sink Ships

Here are some of our basic fundamentals of fitness. Let’s use our head to improve our bods. (Actually they work together for best lifelong health) Be reactive and proactive Improve all components of fitness, including strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility...

Lift and Let Lift

Adding variety to our workouts is extremely important. I believe it is the foundational key to progression, safety and health. Here are a few ways to spice it up! Combine supersets with pyramid or drop sets. Cut your weight in half and do high reps, 30 or more Do...

Life is Like a Rack of Dumbbells

Variety is key to health and fitness. Here is my personal and Weider's lists to spark new ideas for our next workout session. WORKOUT TRAINING PRINCIPLES BY THOMPSON Integrated functional training Isometric training, strength training in which the joint angle and...

It Ain’t over til the Calf Muscle Stings

Some of our fave lower leg strengtheners. CALF EXERCISES Donkey calf raise, partner on hips while doing bent over calf raises Leg press calf raise One leg jump rope One leg jumping jacks One leg leg press calf raise One leg seated calf raise One leg standing calf...

I came, I saw, I burpee’d

One of our fave Burpee-enhanced routines. Enjoy! BURPEE HEAVEN VPT WORKOUT Burpees – 1×5 Crunches Jump squat – 3×30 seconds, repeat 3 times Burpees – 1×10 Medicine ball chop – 1×20 Burpees – 1×15 Sit up Crunch – 2×12 Burpees – 1×20 One leg deadlift – 1×20 Burpees – 1×15 Superman Pushup – 2×20, 2×15, […]

Health Wasn’t Built in a Day

Here are some of my fave keys to positive thinking and some essentials for optimal sleeping. These basics tenets can help make your life healthier and more productive! Positive Thinks: Action expresses priorities Be the change Find yourself in the service of others Have a sense of humor Learn as if you’ll live forever Our […]

Every Dog has his Up

Sun Salutations have many wonderful uses. To begin yoga, to warm-up, to focus, to stretch….the list goes one. Here are two sun sals I use often. SUN SALUTATION A Mountain pose, prayer Mountain pose, raised arms Forward fold pose Half forward fold pose High plank pose Staff pose Up dog pose Down dog pose Half […]

Don’t put all your dumbbells in one basket

   Variety is key to fitness. Using different weight, angles, techniques, reps, rests, etc. all will kept our fitness progressing. Here are some of my very favorite Dumbbells exercises:   Dumbbell tip toe squat Dumbbell overhead lunge Wood chop, on toes One leg bent over row Pullover in bridge Side raise/front raise/rear fly Arnold press […]

Do not make a mountain of a triangle

Here are a few of our favorite YOGA BALANCE asanas. Enjoy the core! Triangle pose High lunge pose Half moon pose Hand to big toe pose Tree pose Warrior I pose Warrior II pose Warrior III pose Eagle pose Lord of the dance pose Crow pose Crane pose NOTE: For progression, perform with one or […]

Clarity begins at Om

Here are a few types of meditation and some popular mantras. See and feel the benefits of both. MEDITATION TYPES Walking Meditation. Writing Meditation. Eating Meditation. Chakra Meditation Chanting Meditation. Music Meditation. Koan Meditation. Body Awareness Meditation. Breath Awareness Meditation. Light/ Flame/Object Meditation. NOTE: All of these types of meditation are designed to bring your […]

As you Grow, so shall you Rep

Growth is important physically, cognitively and spiritually. Here are some great workout ideas when time is short, changing rep and set time, sequence, etc. Enjoy the variety. Basic circuits, combination of high-intensity aerobics and resistance training designed to be easy to follow Descending sets, beginning with a lower rep weight and moving to a higher […]

If at first you don’t succeed, flye, flye again

Although a typically overworked muscle group in gyms and in life, we do need to properly keep the pecs strong. Here are some of our fave pectoral movements. Barbell bench press Barbell incline chest press Cable fly Chest press machine Child’s pose to Downward dog pose Dumbbell bench press Dumbbell incline press Incline machine chest […]

An Organic Apple a Day keeps the Doctor away

Here is a head start on sound Nutrition basics. Knowing that each of us has an individual way to eat, exercise, etc., use these foundations to build a super fit and healthy life. Avoid extreme diets, no-fat, low-carb, etc. Eat a variety of healthy foods Eat organic, local foods Eat breakfast Eat every 3 or […]

An Exercise Saved is an Exercise Lost

Warming up exercises are integral to all workouts, whether resistance, cardio, yoga, etc. Here are some of our favorite warming up movements. At a lower intensity, these may also be used to cool down.   Alternate toe touch Burpees Chinese drum Jog in place Jump rope Jump squat Jumping jacks Medicine ball circuit Proper ballistic […]

All’s Well that Bends Well

Here are some of our favorite lumbar (low back) exercises. A key to a solid functioning strong core.   Birddog Deadlift Good morning Low back machine Lunge and reach Roman chair extension Stability ball prone back extension Stability ball prone contralateral arm/leg lift Stability ball prone reverse extension Superman   NOTE: Perform with fullest range […]

All Good Things Come to he with Weights

Here are two of my favorite Dumbbell workouts. One basic and one intermediate. Enjoy!   DUMBBELL WORKOUT BASIC Dumbbell squat Crunch One arm row Dumbbell lunge Superman Dumbbell chest press Sit up Dumbbell tricep extension Dumbbell side bend Dumbbell bicep curl   NOTE: Perform 2 rounds consisting of 15–20 reps with break between exercises. Vary […]

A Yoga Pose is Worth a Thousand Words

Here is one of my favorite yoga series, based on Ashtanga primary series. Start with a good yoga class and then begin your own daily practice!   Sun Salutation A/B Mountain pose Forward fold pose (2 poses) Triangle pose Revolved triangle pose Extended side angle pose Revolved side angle pose Wide leg forward fold (4 […]

A Watched Squat Never Spoils

Functional movements are a large aspects of fitness. Below are some of my favorite movements to bring strength, fitness and function to your life, with focus on the lower body squatting movement. CALISTHENIC PLYOMETRIC Pushup Squat Pull up or chin up Squat jump to pull up; repeat Jump squat Squat and thrust Sit up Get […]

A Roll-out Gathers No Moss

I love the ab wheel. It is a functional and more complete movement than many core exercises. Remember to build up to this exercise properly if this is new to you. Here are some of my fave movements with the wheel. AB WHEEL WORKOUT Kneeling rollout Kneeling rollout, arcing to side Kneeling rollout, alternate arcing […]

A medball in the hand is worth two in the bush

MEDICINE BALL WORKOUT Using a medicine ball, can add great variety and function to your workout. Here are some of my favorite medball moves. Lunge and medicine ball overhead press Squat and medicine ball forward press Standing medicine ball twist Superman with medicine ball in hands Medicine ball mason twist Medicine ball chop Medicine ball […]

A lifter’s work is never done

ARBELL WORKOUT Although very traditional, this is one of our favorite Freeweight (Barbell) workouts. Add variety but changing reps, sets, weights, sequences, speed, etc. Squat Deadlift Upright row Overhead press Bent over row Shrug Bicep curl Chest press Supine overhead tricep extension chest press Forward lunge NOTE: Perform 3 rounds consisting of 30 seconds with […]

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single lunge

  Although lunging is often overdone by fitness pros, it is a very valuable and functional exercise. Here is one of my favorite complete lower body workout, with a lunge focus.  BODY WEIGHT WORKOUT LOWER BODY Squat isometric One leg squat Squat Lunge isometric Forward lunge Back lunge Deadlift One leg deadlift Deadlift Calf raise […]

A friend in knead is a friend indeed

Here is a list of some fantastic recovery methods and injury treatments to consider. These are also very useful as preventative methods. Always consult a health practitioner before beginning treatment.  Injury Treatment Acupuncture and/or reflexology Compression, and Elevation Contrast therapy Heat (sauna, steam, hot tub etc.) Massage Physical therapy R.I.C.E., a treatment method for soft […]

You can’t make a quadricep without aching a few legs

QUADRICEP EXERCISES by Marc D. Thompson One of the most important and functional muscle groups are the Quadriceps, aka the Quads. The Quads are the front of the thighs and are strong and important in many of our sports and everyday functions. Here are some of my favorite quad exercises. Bulgarian lunge Cable lunge Cable […]

You can’t always sweat what you want

BODY WEIGHT CARDIO BASIC Here is a list of some of the general exercises used to warmup. Also as a sequence, circuit, extended time, etc., they can be used as great exercises. Have fun! Chinese drum Jogging Runners Slow jog in place Squats Stair jogging Toe Touch Walking Walking stairs NOTE: For a cardio routine, […]

You can lead a horse to a squatter, but you can’t make him squat

Strength, balance, symmetry. Three important parts of fitness, and particularly for the lower body. Here are some of my fave Hip, mostly Adductors, exercises.  45 degree side lunge Ankle weight hip adduction Lateral squat Machine hip adduction Rotary Hip machine adduction Side lying bottom leg lift Squat and medial cross over kick Standing cable hip […]

Best Calories Burners?

by Marc D Thompson I was recently asked to choose what is the best calorie-burning exercise discipline. This is not only an irrelevant question, but unnecessary. There is not a “best.” But I did indulge an answer and, not surprisingly, the inquisitors disagreed. I have a degree in ex science and a degree medicine, and […]

When the going gets tough, the tough get rowing

An overlooked but important muscle group are the traps. If properly exercised they can adjust posture, improve upper body strength, enhance sports and function, and improve other upper body movements such as pullups and pushups. TRAPEZIUS EXERCISES Cable shrug One-arm cable shrug Deadlift One-arm deadlift Dumbbell shrug Dumbbell upright row Dumbbell row Shrug machine Barbell […]

There’s no climb like the present

Although I prefer outdoor exercise over treadmill, if only able to use a treadmill is available and a change is needed to spark progress, try some these ideas. These exercises can increase heart rate and limit the overuse that occurs with typical treadmill use while targeting various core and leg muscles. Always prepare for these […]

The zen is mightier than the core

The key to health and fitness is the mind. Positive thinking, intention, dedication and consistency all form the basis of a sound fitness regime. One part of that regime is yoga and its many diverse disciplines. Here’s a brief description of the branches of and the different types of yoga. YOGA BRANCHES Jnana, self-inquiry, meditation […]

God LIFTS those who LIFT themselves

‘Lift’ has many meanings. Here is a great workout that focuses on get-ups, a wonderful exercise of getting from a lying positon to a standing without using your arms or support. We call it the VPT Get Up Workout! GET UP! VPT WORKOUT Get ups – 1×5 Alternate toe touch Burpees Jumping jacks – 3×30 […]

Tenacity is the Mother of Invention

CRAZY CARDIO CIRCUIT VPT WORKOUT Great workout to start the day! Excerpt from Stair running (jog in place), 2 minutes Crunch Reverse crunch Bench reverse crunch V sit up Teaser Wood chop – 6×30 Corkscrew Side plank hip lift V sit up Stability ball roll out – 4×25 Lunge Jump lunge Traveling lunge – […]

Easy Come, Easy Row

Here are some of the Lat Exercises (Upper Back, Rear shoulder) that VirtuFit recommends. Try these and others for strong back and good posture. Assisted pull up machine Bent over row Dumbbell pullover Lat pulldown Machine pullover One arm row Pull up or chin up Seated low cable row Seated row machine Standing straight arm […]

Don’t bite the hand that kneads you

Just as we need to challenge the body and mind, we also need Recovery. Here are some of my recommendations: At least 30 minutes per day downtime, self-time, no worries Consultation with health practitioner for injuries lasting over 14 days Deep sleep of proper duration Elimination or moderation of alcohol, caffeine, and other diuretics One […]

Don’t count your cleans before they’re snatched

POWER TRAINING WORKOUT. Below are some fantastic exercises to incorporate into your workout regimes. Research proper form and which are best for uou. Enjoy! Power Clean Clean high pull Split Jerk Push jerk Clean and jerk Barbell overhead squat Barbell deadlift Barbell squat Barbell chest press Barbell bent over row Overhead press Push press Barbell […]

Liveliness is next to Godliness

We all need to change up our workouts, here’s one of my favorites I used on myself and two clients skype last week. It’s called the FULL BODY BLITZ VPT WORKOUT! Alternate toe touch, 1 minute Burpees, 1minute Jump squat – 3×1 minute Crunch/Sit up/Crunch – 3×20, repeat 3 times, no break V sit up/Sit […]

Birds of a feather flex together

With the low back a cause or symptom of much human pain and dysfunction, knowing how to properly stretch it can be valuable. Here are some top notch lumbar stretches. Single knee to chest Knees to chest Supine straight leg to chest Supine single knee spinal twist, arms out Supine spinal twist, arms out Supine […]

Better Weight than Never

Free weights, although a small part of overall fitness, play an important role. Some of the basic benefits of free weight training is provided below. Be creative and change up your routine of free weights for maximum health and wellness. Barbells provide maximum strength Basic Coordination Core balance Dumbbells provide unilateral balance Functional Higher degree […]

Beauty is in the flye of the shoulder

The deltoid, or shoulder, is a magnificent group of muscles. There are dozens of exercises that target this area, here are some of my favorites. These target more the anterior and lateral deltoid, stay tuned for posterior deltoid movements. Band overhead press Cable overhead press Cable raise or fly, including lateral, front and rear Cable […]

All good things must come from a bend

RANGE OF MOTION Fitness comes in all forms and fashions. One of the key elements of sound health is functional, full, and non-painful range of motion. These following movements, split into upper and lower body, may help maintain or attain proper range of motion. UPPER BODY Head tilts, forward and back Head tilts, side to […]

A friend in knead is a friend indeed

INJURY TREATMENT Inevitably, injuries occur. Often we incur overuse injuries due to improper form or even too much of a good thing. Depending on the injury and the medical professional, there are a number of methods to help treat injuries. Here are a few to consider. Acupuncture Compression and/or Elevation Contrast therapy Heat (sauna, steam, […]

I move, therefore I am

MULTI-MUSCLE STRETCHES We all need to move and stretch. Here are some of the multi-muscle ways to relax, stretch, increase range of motion. Remember, just as important as the static pose, is the way transitions. Cobra pose Down dog pose Extended childs pose Low lunge pose Mountain pose, hands raised Prone over stability ball Standing […]

Wellness is Bliss

S-I JOINT INJURY, PREVENTION AND TREATMENT As the Sacroiliac joint (S-I joint) becomes more and more involved in overuse, injury and rehabilitation, it is important to know what stretches and exercises can prevent or treat the area. Below are some basic stretches (asanas) and 4 progressive workouts. S-I Joint Stretches Camel Childs Cowface Extended side […]

A (Muscle) Twitch in time Saves Nine

Endurance is a key element of health and wellness. Here a few effective methods we promote to increase muscular strength and endurance and cardio output. 30/30, consists of a single set of 30 exercises done in 30 minutes with no rest periods Basic circuits, combination of high-intensity aerobics and resistance training designed to be easy […]

Some Types of Bodywork

Body Work has many benefits for our bodies and soul. Sometimes it is confusing which type is best for an individual. Here is a basic list to get your research started. Aromatherapy, therapeutic use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils ayurveda and yoga Deep tissue, designed to relieve severe tension in the muscle and […]

Cardio Basics & Benefits

Cardio, when done properly, is a strong foundation of general health and fitness. Here are some basic cardio tenets and benefits: Adapt your cardiovascular routine to your goals and change as plateaus occur Exercise in your target heart rate range, not that medication, heart conditions, athleticism, etc. may alter your range Experiment with various programs […]

Body Weight Plyometric Intermediate

Plyometrics can we worthwhile if done properly. Here is one of my favorite routines: Band archer row Box hops Clap pushup Floor tricep dip hops Forward hops Hop and chop Jump lunge Lateral box leaps Lateral leaps Mason twist NOTE: Perform 3 rounds consisting of 60 seconds with break between rounds. Vary duration and break […]

Body Weight Plyometric Basic

Here is a fun list of some of my favorite Plyometric exercises: Butt kickers Forward hops Hi knees Hops Side hops Squat jumps Stair hops Stair jogging Stationary jogging NOTE:  Perform 2 rounds consisting of 45 seconds with break between rounds. Vary duration and break time.

Cardio Activities

For a quick guide, here are some wonderful cardiovascular activities: Arc Trainer Elliptical trainer Group Exercise class Indoor cycling (Spinning®) Rower Stationary bike/outdoor bike Stepmill/Stepper Swimming/Aquatics Treadmill Walking/Jogging FITNESS TIP: Nearly any action or combinations of actions can be cardiovascular. Be creative and safe to have fun keeping your heart strong.

Benefits of Fitness

Fitness has many benefits. Below are some of the physical, physioloigcal and psychological benefits of exercise. Physical Fitness Benefits 1. Reduced/maintenance of body fat 2. Increased strength 3. Increased power 4. Increased endurance 5. Reshaped body/body composition changes 6. Increased musculature 7. Improved joint stability 8. Increased flexibility 9. Increased range of motion 10. Toned […]

Psychology of Fitness

The mental aspect of fitness, like most things, is paramount. Here are some helpful hints. 1. Leave ego at door 2. Be confident 3. Think about the mind-muscle link 4. Visualize muscle targeted 5. Focus/concentrate 6. Identify weaknesses and improve 7. Make fitness a lifestyle 8. Think positively 9. Meditate 10. Listen to body signals

Overall Fitness Benefits

Fitness has many benefits, some of them are as follows: 1. Improved overall health 2. Improved cardiac health 3. Improved sex life 4. Improved sleep 5. Increased productivity at home, work, etc. 6. Improved sports performance 7. Improved balance 8. Improved functionality 9. Improved coordination 10. Improved posture

Keys to General Fitness Routines

We all need a fundamental starting point and occasionally we need to regroup and reestablish the foundation of a solid fitness plan. Here are a few keys points. 1. Basic movements include squat, lunge, ab crunch, ab twist, arm push and arm pull, see Basic Fitness Movements 2. Follow body composition, not body weight. Stay […]

40-50’s Fitness

As we age, there are certain tweaks and changes that need to be made in our exercise routines and plans. Here are a few basic areas to focus if you are between 40 and 60. 1. Keep boredom at bay, be creative. 2. Vary activities, very day, every time. 3. Increase Flexibility training 4. Continue […]

20-30’s Fitness

When one begins to exercise in her or his twenties, what should be the priorities? Here are some of the best ways to stay fit through those early years. 1. Challenge yourself 2. Lay groundwork for later in life 3. Plyometric training 4. Cardiovascular training 5. Strength training 6. Play sports such as running, golf, […]


Water is the most valuable element in or for the human body. By practicing wise hydration tactics, the body’s energy, ability, stamina and recovery can be optimized. Water supports our metabolic functions and as a transportation system: Maintaining  a balance of water obtained and water lost is paramount In taking or losing too much water […]

Healthy Heart

Heart disease is the nation’s number one killer. In order to help prevent this trend, here are some recommendations for a strong heart, Exercise 3-5 times per week Exercise 20-60 minutes per session Target between 55-90% of your maximum heart rate Utilize large muscle groups Work all major muscles Exercise intensely enough for benefit Design […]

Get on the Ball

The Exercise ball that is! These wonderful pieces of equipment have many names, Swiss ball, Thera-ball, Stability ball. But regardless of the name, they are a top fitness tool. More effective overall than non-ball exercises Develops balance Develops stability Improves core strength Improve function Aids in injury prevention and rehabilitation Enhances sports performance Anyone can […]

Physical Fitness Benefits

Most of know we should exercise regularly. But specifically why should we? Well here is a basic list of some of the physical, physiological and psychological impact fitness has on our bodies and our lives: Physical Benefits 1. Reduced/maintenance of body fat 2. Increased strength 3. Increased power 4. Increased endurance 5. Reshaped body/body composition […]

Fitness Motivators

We can all fall into a slump and lack motivation to exercise. Or we may just need an impetus to begin fitness. Either way, here are some ways to train through a slump or pick up the pace. 1. Find a training buddy 2. Set goals, both long and short-term 3. Use head phones or […]

Fitness Disciplines & Variety

Variety is the single most important aspect for continued health and optimal fitness. Branch out and try some disciplines you haven’t tried. Mix up your routines. I am an ashtanga teacher, but I participate in many other types of yoga. Be brave, be smart, be healthy. Here are a few top fitness disciplines to partake: […]

What is Fitness?

I am often asked what is fitness? What constitutes wellness? In other words, WHAT SHOULD I DO to be healthy? From physical view, the following are some of the aspects that should be addressed every workout. Be creative and enjoy. 1.      Agility 2.      Balance 3.      Body composition (percent fat and lean) 4.      Coordination 5.      Endurance […]

20-30’s Fitness

When one begins to exercise in her or his twenties, what should be the priorities? Here are some of the best ways to stay fit through those early years: 1. Challenge yourself 2. Lay groundwork for later in life 3. Plyometric training, see Core Plyometric exercises 4. Cardiovascular training 5. Strength training 6. Play sports […]

Basic Weight Loss & Maintenance

After working with hundreds (maybe thousands) of overweight and obese clients over the past 25 years, there surface some basic tenets of good healthy weight loss and maintenance. Although we are individuals and our coaches must treat us thusly, please note these worthwhile basics: Keep a food journal Practice sound nutrition, not fad diets Set […]

Basic Fitness Movements

The body makes a limited number of healthy movements. Some of the most important are represented below is these movements. Most solid fitness routines have some or all of these movements. Does yours? 1. Squat 2. Lunge 3. Push 4. Pull 5. Trunk twist 6. Trunk flexion 7. Trunk extension 8. Self-myofascial release techniques 9. […]

Sun Salutations for Health

One of the basic series in most yoga practices is the Sun Salutation. Although there are many varieties, they all serve wonderful purposes. A basic Sun Salutation A (surya namaskara A) would include these poses: Begin standing (mountain), feet together, sweep arms overhead Fold forward palms to floor (forward fold) Look up lengthen, flattening back […]

Fitness Over 40

Regardless of your age, we ALL need to continually improve our wellness. Here are a few pointers for us as we become wiser with age. 40’s-50’s Fitness 1. Keep mundanity at bay 2. Use a variety of activities 3. Keep at the Flexibility training 4. Remember to do Cardivascular training 5. Do Strength training 6. […]

Keys to Fitness

Wellness is a tricky business. We are individuals and need different disciplines to succeed. We must think, move and eat right. A general starting point is helpful, and here then are some VirtuFit proven tools for a successful future in securing your health and wellness: 1. Target all muscles 2. Improve all components (strength, endurance, […]

Cardiovascular Benefits & Hazards

Cardiovascular (CV) exercise is important. It has a boatload of benefits and rewards. Also, like any other reward, there are risks. Below is a list of the benefits and hazards of CV activity. CV Benefits 1. Strengthen heart 2. Lower blood pressure 3. Reduce risk of heart disease 4. Improve circulation 5. Increase energy 6. […]

Calisthenics, Cardio & Calorie Burners

Would you like some exercises that burn calories, strengthen heart and motor muscles, improve coordination and stretch muscles?   You’re in luck, here are some top choices: Calisthenics 1. Pushup 2. Pullups 3. Squat 4. Jump squat 5. Squat and thrust 6. Situp 7. Lying Leg raise 8. Kick up to handstand repeatedly (use wall […]

Aquatic Fitness

Aquatic fitness is any healthy activity performed in water. The use of water for fitness is not new but it has many benefits. Water provides a cushion, to keep impact to a minimum. It is soothing and relaxing. Water also maintains our body temperature as we perform high heart rate exercises. Water allows movement for […]

Why Vary Fitness?

Fitness and nutrition are very inexact sciences. There are numerous factors both environmental, mental and individually that contribute to how what we do and eat affects our body soul and mind. In over 22 years of professional training, I have come to only one conclusion. There are no conclusions! However I have noticed that there […]

Posture Basics

Posture is an often overlooked part of fitness. Often improper or misaligned biomechanics can lead to injuries, both overuse and traumatic. If one has poor movement and continues that over a period of time a repetitive injury can result. The movement can be an everyday motion or an exercise in a gym. Traumatic injuries can […]

Nutrition Basics

Proper daily nutrition habits are a crucial element to improving and maintaining our health. By refining our nutrition, we will have more energy, exercise more easily, feel better and eat our favorite holiday foods guilt-free. Here are a few tips to assist us in proper nutrition. Focus on whole foods as main sources of each […]

Flexibility Basics-2

What is fitness? Is it functionality or aesthetics? Is it strength or speed? Is it low cholesterol or low resting heart rate? Well, it is obviously all of those and much more. Wading through the endless books, magazines and journals can be exhausting and many times ideas, theories and disciplines are contradictory. Why? Because fitness […]

Fitness Recovery

Go on any web search site or bookstore and find oodles of information on fitness. However hidden in the background is and often misunderstood is the role of recovery. Equally as important as your fitness and nutrition should be the way a one goes about assuring his or her body gets all the recovery methods […]

How to Eliminate Belly Fat

As important as fat is, excess belly fat can be unhealthy, dysfunctional and unattractive. To maintain a proper body fat ratio or to lose unwanted belly fat, adhere to these basic principles. Proper Nutrition. Eat a variety of clean foods that keep your metabolism churning. Eat slowly and avoid over-eating and skipping meals. Endurance Exercise. […]

Eliminate Lower Back Pain

Pain Elimination! That is the primary reason clients request my services. And of all pain, lower back pain is the most common and often most debilitating. To eliminate this condition, first the cause must be diagnosed. Lower back pain is often linked to herniated discs, disc tears, spondylolisthesis, and spinal stenosis. The original and contributory […]

Posture Basics

Posture is an often overlooked part of fitness. Often improper or misaligned biomechanics can lead to injuries, both overuse and traumatic. If one has poor movement and continues that over a period of time a repetitive injury can result. The movement can be an everyday motion or an exercise in a gym. Traumatic injuries can […]

Flexibility Basics

What is fitness? Is it functionality or aesthetics? Is it strength or speed? Is it low cholesterol or low resting heart rate? Well, it is obviously all of those and much more. Wading through the endless books, magazines and journals can be exhausting and many times ideas, theories and disciplines are contradictory. Why? Because fitness […]

Resistance Basics

What is fitness? Is it functionality or aesthetics? Is it strength or speed? Is it low cholesterol or low resting heart rate? Well, it is obviously all of those and much more. Wading through the endless books, magazines and journals can be exhausting and many times ideas, theories and disciplines are contradictory. Why? Because fitness […]

Cross Training

We’ve all hit plateaus. Even if you’re exercising regularly you may be feeling unmotivated about your current routine. Maybe you went on vacation and stayed on fitness vacation even after returning home. Or even being new to fitness you had hit the gym running but suddenly you’re making excuses to skip the workout. One of […]

Foundations of Adult Fitness Balance and How to Engage our Children

What is fitness? Is it functionality or aesthetics? Is it strength or speed? Is it low cholesterol or low resting heart rate? Well, it is obviously all of those and much more. Wading through the endless books, magazines and journals can be exhausting and many times ideas, theories and disciplines are contradictory. Why? Because fitness […]

Cardio Basics

What is fitness? Is it functionality or aesthetics? Is it strength or speed? Is it low cholesterol or low resting heart rate? Well, it is obviously all of those and much more. Wading through the endless books, magazines and journals can be exhausting and many times ideas, theories and disciplines are contradictory. Why? Because fitness […]

Balance Basics

What is fitness? Is it functionality or aesthetics? Is it strength or speed? Is it low cholesterol or low resting heart rate? Well, it is obviously all of those and much more. Wading through the endless books, magazines and journals can be exhausting and many times ideas, theories and disciplines are contradictory. Why? Because fitness […]

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