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Fitness Books compiled and amassed from over 30 years of experience and detailed studies, our Health books are offered to enhance your body, mind and spirit. Including comprehensive lists, thousands of exercises, dozens of disciplines, psychology, humor, science and creativity to promote complete wellness in all areas of life.

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Caribbean Workout

Here are some innovative combos of exercises to give you a full body, integrated functional, quick and effective session. Takes 30-45 minutes only. These were actual workouts done on a recent trip. Enjoy! Day 1- Bosu Squat-Inverted Bosu pushup (Biset, 3x) Burpees...

Om Wasn’t Built in a Day

Some of our favorite Seated Yoga poses for life-long hip and back health. Seated forward fold pose Wide leg forward fold pose Half lotus pose Pigeon pose King pigeon pose Double pigeon pose Cow face pose NOTE: Perform 2–3 rounds holding for 20–60 seconds. Perform more...

Om Sweet Om

Yoga retreats are a great way to travel, learn new things and meet people. Here are some we recommend. Bahia, Brasil  – Butterfly House Bahia Boracay Island, Philippines – Mandala Spa and Villas Gstaad, Switzerland – Formentera Yoga Kerala, India – The Leela Koh...

Loose Reps Sink Ships

Here are some of our basic fundamentals of fitness. Let’s use our head to improve our bods. (Actually they work together for best lifelong health) Be reactive and proactive Improve all components of fitness, including strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility...

Lift and Let Lift

Adding variety to our workouts is extremely important. I believe it is the foundational key to progression, safety and health. Here are a few ways to spice it up! Combine supersets with pyramid or drop sets. Cut your weight in half and do high reps, 30 or more Do...

Life is Like a Rack of Dumbbells

Variety is key to health and fitness. Here is my personal and Weider's lists to spark new ideas for our next workout session. WORKOUT TRAINING PRINCIPLES BY THOMPSON Integrated functional training Isometric training, strength training in which the joint angle and...

It Ain’t over til the Calf Muscle Stings

Some of our fave lower leg strengtheners. CALF EXERCISES Donkey calf raise, partner on hips while doing bent over calf raises Leg press calf raise One leg jump rope One leg jumping jacks One leg leg press calf raise One leg seated calf raise One leg standing calf...

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