Here is one of my favorite yoga series, based on Ashtanga primary series. Start with a good yoga class and then begin your own daily practice!


Sun Salutation A/B

Mountain pose

Forward fold pose (2 poses)

Triangle pose

Revolved triangle pose

Extended side angle pose

Revolved side angle pose

Wide leg forward fold (4 poses)

Side intense stretch pose

Extended hand to big toe

Half lotus intense stretch pose

Chair pose

Warrior I/II

Seated staff pose

Seated forward fold (2 poses)

Incline plane pose

One leg forward fold pose (3 poses)

One knee up forward fold pose

Seated spinal twist pose

Boat pose/Boat handstand pose

Crow pose

Tortoise pose

Bound angle pose

Wide angle forward fold (3 poses)

Reclining big toe pose (2 poses)

Plow, both big toes pose

Upward facing pose

Plow, both big toes pose

Wheel pose

Shoulder stand pose

Plow pose (3 poses)

Ear pressure pose

Fish pose

Tripod headstand pose

savasana (relax or meditate)