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We at Caring Pet Sitting want the best for your pets. Here are some books we highly recommend and our monthly Pet Sitting blogs, regarding animal care, love and stories about pets.

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How Dogs Think. Inside the Canine Mind.

What do you think the world looks like to a dog? That has been a question I’ve been thinking my whole life. Have you? I realized there isn’t really a specific answer, and no one can certainly explain it. Canines are known to experience life just like us and can...

Dog Training for Dummies

Dog training can be very difficult, especially for our first time. But lots of things vary. There are many different methods for the right training for your dog, depending on their unique personality to reach desired goals like potty training, heeling, or not jumping...

Cat Care

Taking care of cat can be tougher than it looks, but with love and practice, you and your cat can live to the fullest. But you need lots of necessities even before you get a cat. You need a safe home, food bowls, food, a liter pan, scooper, a bed, cage if necessary,...

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