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We at Caring Pet Sitting want the best for your pets. Here are some books we highly recommend and our monthly Pet Sitting blogs, regarding animal care, love and stories about pets.

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Pet Bereavement

Here is some great information if you are bereaving a lost pet. https://www.humanesociety.org/resources/how-cope-death-your-pet

Top 10 Reasons To Leash Your Dog

This article was originally written for Southern California communities, but isapplicable throughout most communities in the country. Virtually everycommunity has a leash law. The law requires that dogs be kept on a leash at alltimes when on public property. While on...

Pet Vet Recommendation

If you reside in Palm Beach County and are looking for a quality Vet, we recommend Coastal... https://promo.coastalvetdelray.com/online-booking/?gclid=CjwKCAjwk_WVBhBZEiwAUHQCmb0_TTs0o5E7SU_kENsFp6fdy2is4YUIKmOR_iAUKuCCJS-AlZbDDBoCeXQQAvD_BwE

Catherine Sterf Reed

Colonial Women, The Heart & Backbone of Our Nation Catherine Sterf Reed If there is any power in poverty, it’s the push for a better life. Catherine Sterf Reith embodied that power. Born in 1661 in Baalborn, Palatine, she married a simple Mennonite farmer George...

Feline Care

Some great info on cat care: https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/cat-care/general-cat-care

How to Bath a Dog

A great link on dog bathing. https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/pets/a32187380/how-to-bathe-dog/

Pet Shelter Reflection Paper

by SMT In the beginning, the goal of my Community Project was to donate needed items to pet shelters and then teach them tricks, like “sit”, “paw”, “down”, and more, so when they’d be adopted they’d have some training in their blood. But later, I changed my goal to...

How to Brush/Groom a Dog

We liked this info, please enjoy: https://www.groomers-online.com/blog/2019/04/the-ultimate-dog-grooming-guide-how-to-groom-6-different-types-of-dog-coat/

Pet Adoption

One of the Pet Adoption websites we use often https://www.adoptapet.com/

Adopt a Pet II

Please consider adopting a pet from either ARF rescue or Tri-County Rescue. https://www.animalrescueforce.org https://tricountyanimalrescue.com/

The Animal Rescue Force

Volunteering has always been something I like to do, it doesn’t only benefit yourself, but your community and the people around you. Volunteering is just a small act of kindness that can go a long way and I totally recommend it. I usually always volunteer at Animal...

How NOT to Train Your Puppy

Training is a big deal, and it’s something everyone must learn. But how should you not train your dog or pup? For one, you don’t want to start as soon as the pup gets home. Wait until they are at least twelve weeks and used to the home. An eight-week-old puppy is...

Pet Rescue Needs You!

With the inordinate number of homeless pets around the country, please consider going to your local shelter for your pets. Here are two felines available at ARF of Palm Beach County, FL.

Consider a Rescue Pet

With the inordinate number of homeless pets around the country, please consider going to your local shelter for your pets. Here are two felines available at ARF of Palm Beach County, FL.

Why are the Florida Everglades so Important?

First and foremost, The Florida Everglades are important because it is a home for animals. There are many animals that need this area to survive in the Everglades like the Bald Eagle, White Pelican, White Tailed Deer, The Raccoon, Rattlesnake, Red tailed hawk,...

How Dogs Think. Inside the Canine Mind.

What do you think the world looks like to a dog? That has been a question I’ve been thinking my whole life. Have you? I realized there isn’t really a specific answer, and no one can certainly explain it. Canines are known to experience life just like us and can...

Dog Training for Dummies

Dog training can be very difficult, especially for our first time. But lots of things vary. There are many different methods for the right training for your dog, depending on their unique personality to reach desired goals like potty training, heeling, or not jumping...

Cat Care

Taking care of cat can be tougher than it looks, but with love and practice, you and your cat can live to the fullest. But you need lots of necessities even before you get a cat. You need a safe home, food bowls, food, a liter pan, scooper, a bed, cage if necessary,...

“Why is my dog staring at me?”

Does your dog stare at you? There’s no doubt yours dogs like to keep an eye on you. But why? There are five main reasons. One, their showing affection. Some looks can indicate they like you, you’ll see a soft expression and slightly squinty eyes. It should be voluntary. The second is, they’re looking for […]

Taking Care of your Older Dog’s Health and Nutrition Needs

Understanding your pet’s health is very vital. But in many instances, when older dogs take less medication than is indicated by their weight. If your senior must be put on medication for any reason you must watch for side effects. If you do notice reactions, your veterinarian will either reduce the amount or change the […]

Grooming your pet

Owning a pet can be a hassle, and you always want to keep them safe. But it’s not as hard as you think. Simple tasks like brushing them everyday can keep them cleaner, a healthier coat, less matts and knots, and more. I brush my dog almost every day, she is a golden doodle, so […]

Biodegradable Dog Bags

Us animal owners use whatever we can to clean up after our dog, grocery bags, plastic bags, or normal dog bags. But there’s something bad about all of them. They are plastic. Using plastic in our world is bad enough, but almost all dog bags are made of plastic. Which is why we should use […]

Fishing with Dad

Hey! I saw this story i wrote a very, very long time ago. I remember this happening, but it’s very fain.t It was when i went fishing with my dad! Of course, we don’t do it anymore, and i don’t enjoy it anymore either, but they were good memories. I wrote this story in possible […]


I wrote this report on Right Whales a long time ago, but i still think it’s interesting, facts about whales, etc. Enjoy my writing from 5th grade…   Right whales are one of the largest animals in the ocean. They swim mostly near the east coast and love shelf waters They eat small sea organisms […]


Hey everyone! This story is “The Big Idea: My New Dog!” I have another story of when I got my dog, too. This one is the beginning of my life with Gemma, who I love a lot. I’ve had her for 5 years now. I wrote this when i was a little bean in 2nd […]

Owning a Dog Tips

After reading the book Dog Training for DUMMIES I found one good tip all dog owners should know about Preventing Bad Habits for your dog. Loneliness is perhaps the most difficult problem to overcome. By necessity, many dogs are left alone at home anywhere between eight to ten hours a day! Which means they have […]

Casey and Finnies

Casey and Finnies Casey and Finnies are male two dogs; a Corgi and a Papillon. I took care of them over Thanksgiving and my Thanksgiving break and had the best time. Corgis are my second favorite dog (after a Dachsund) and Papillons are just so adorable! Since they lived two houses away from me I […]

I love dogs

This is an essay i wrote a long time ago… Just wanted to say: I love dogs! Do you? Do you have a favorite pet? I do. Mine is a dog. I would like to have a dog all to myself. I would be respectful, responsible, and loving. It would be wonderful if I had […]


Hank is an 18 year old cat that I took care of. He the best cat ever, and is very well trained. He is a little chubby, orange, and has a white tip on his tail and white feet and part of his face. Even though he is blind now, he is still the cutest, […]

Cat Woman (Intro)

One night, I was lying in bed dreaming of me, a hero—Cat Woman. I had AMAZING speed, I could see in darkness, and I could jump to high things like skyscrapers or just from bridge to bridge. Everybody believed in me. I risked my lives for others, helped animals, and caught villains because I didn’t […]

Caring Pet Sitting

Caring Pet Sitting, est. 2013 We offer pet sitting, dog walking, and other pet services Insured; Two staff at each visit! Your pets will be glad you did!   Contact Us Today at:  info@zophiathompson.com or text 561-676-6179 Visit our Website: www.ZophiaThompson.com

ZT Caring Pet Sitting

We wanted to introduce our Pet Care business. Started in 2013, we send two staff to every appointment to care for your pets while you are away, on vacation, stuck at work, or just need help walking a dog. We’ll love your pets as you would. Contact us anytime for our service.

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