Hey everyone! This story is “The Big Idea: My New Dog!” I have another story of when I got my dog, too. This one is the beginning of my life with Gemma, who I love a lot. I’ve had her for 5 years now. I wrote this when i was a little bean in 2nd grade, so it might be a little weird, but I’m a better writer now (obviously). Enjoy!
I love my dog. Her full name is Gemma Lou T., for Thompson. She’s the best doggie ever! I brush her, give her food and water, and walk her. It’s hard work, but then you get used to it. I got Gemma from a friend because she couldn’t keep her anymore. The first thing I learned was how to brush her. My dad said to be careful and don’t do it too hard. So I was careful the next time. My dad said I was doing good. The next day, when it was bedtime for me, I saw Gemma’s tail was so fluffy, brushed and looking good.
I asked my dad, “Did you brush her?”
He said he did. I said that was cool. The next day after school, I brushed Gemma and made her tail and her whole body pretty. I got $1 for brushing her. A little later, my dad taught me how to feed her. He showed me how much food to put in the food bowl and how much to put in the water bowl. I did it—and I did a good job! It was fun. The last thing was to walk her. That’s the tricky part.
My dad said, “It’s hard to walk her, so I’ll help a lot with this one.”
The next day after another day of school in the evening, my dad, and my dog, of course, and I went for a walk. My dad asked, “Ok, see how I’m holding the leash?”
I told him yes. I tried holding the leash and it was hard because Gemma’s a big dog. She pulled me a lot, but my dad helped me. I got good at it, but I’m still trying. Its hard work, but I’ll get it soon.
And that’s how I take care of my dog.