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 Family History Biographies and genealogical compilations for preserving your heritage and passing along to friends, family and future generations. Knowledge of our background can help with our goals, our current relationships, our health, our religion and spirituality, and many other areas, providing details and stories from our ancestors of years gone by.

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Published Client Genealogies

Armstrong Family History

Ford-Fitzgerald Family History

Glickstein & Haber Family History

Mazo & Curry Family History

Romano & Connor Family History

Wittle & Acri Family History

Genealogies Generation 8B

Andrews + Livezey Family History

Baugher + Oberlander Family History

Burkholder + Ulrich Family History

Epley + Bucher Family History

Felty + Bordner Family History

Fleming + Servis Family History

Gieselman + Reimann Family History

Gohn + Gipe Family History

Heilman + Mantz Family History

Herrold + Arnold Family History

Kitzmiller + Lehmann Family History

Lacy + Farrow Family History

McLeod Family History

Merrick + Kelling Family History

Miller + Warner Family History

Neal + Lehmann Family History

Ney + Emmerich Family History

Reed + Heim Family History

Rehse + Dankert Family History

Robinson + Kelly Family History

Rudd + Anderson Family History

Schmidt + Arnold Family History

Schmidt + Keefer Family History

Smith Family History

Sower + Kline Family History

Stein + Rouse Family History

Swartz + Shaffer Family History

Taylor + Culin Family History

Westphals + Koppelmann Family History

Westphals + Westphals Family History

Zinck + Gaugler Family History

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Melvalean Curry Thompson

Mel wrote a snippet about her upbringing in 2004: I am Melvalean, named after my uncle Melvin from Hinesville, Georgia. As a child my mother called me Mel for a nickname, saying my name is too long to say every time, but it was she that named me! I was born in...

TFH Excerpt: Charlotte “Lottie” and William Duncan

William Duncan and Charlotte were a caring, married couple, who married in the late nineteenth century. The couple married and lived in Sunbury, Pennsylvania. They did also have one son together, Irvin and another son, Harris, born in 1905 who died in infancy. William...

Ancestral Narratives

The upcoming blogs with focus on narratives of our ancestors. Each month we’ll visit a long, lost couple and bring them back to life. Detailing the challenges and successes of their daily lives. This is a detailed introduction to the info used to write the narratives....

Our Genealogy Preface

We are organizing our genealogies in three basic fashions--data, bios and images. This volume continues our research back in time, based strictly on our genealogical (data) history researched over the past forty years. We previously published Generation 5 (4 volumes),...

Genealogy and Health: Generation 8, Part 2 Genealogies Available

We have just completed the daunting task of publishing all 64 Generation 8 genealogies. The first ½ are completed, please visit for a complete list. Did you know discovering your roots can greatly assist in your present day...

Genealogy and Health: Generation 8 Genealogies Available

Did you know discovering your roots can greatly assist in your present day health? Many conditions are hereditary and/or psychosomatic. Knowing and understanding your genealogy can help you diagnose, treat and even avoid these conditions in ourselves and our children....

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