Alfred Mason was born in 1825 in Georgia, the son of Moses Mason. He married Hannah in 1846 in his hometown. They had twelve children in 23 years. He died in 1880 in Washington, Georgia, at the age of 55.


When George Brown was born in 1822 in Georgia, his father, Samuel, was 32 and his mother, Ranie, was 32. He married May in 1851 in his hometown. They had six children in eleven years. He died in 1870 in Georgia at the age of 48.

Born in Southern slavery, Sectional Controversy, and the ever-burdening Southern lifestyle and raised during the Disputed Election of 1876 and Little Big Horn, and the ultimate Reconstruction leading to the Second Industrial Revolution in the North. They were starting families at the beginning of the Railroad Era, Thomas Edison, the Labor Movement and the Spanish-American War. They would ultimately see the fight for the abolition of slavery of the Civil War and their family pushed onward through some amazingly challenging and arduous times and came out stronger than before, handing us our opportunity!

American Pioneer Chronicles:

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