Pet Vet Recommendation

If you reside in Palm Beach County and are looking for a quality Vet, we recommend Coastal…

Catherine Sterf Reed

Colonial Women, The Heart & Backbone of Our Nation Catherine Sterf Reed If there is any power in poverty, it’s the push for a better life. Catherine Sterf Reith embodied that power. Born in 1661 in Baalborn, Palatine, she married a simple Mennonite farmer George...

Feline Care

Some great info on cat care:

How to Bath a Dog

A great link on dog bathing.

Pet Shelter Reflection Paper

by SMT In the beginning, the goal of my Community Project was to donate needed items to pet shelters and then teach them tricks, like “sit”, “paw”, “down”, and more, so when they’d be adopted they’d have some training in their blood. But later, I changed my goal to...