Did you know discovering your roots can greatly assist in your present day health? Many conditions are hereditary and/or psychosomatic. Knowing and understanding your genealogy can help you diagnose, treat and even avoid these conditions in ourselves and our children. Additionally, knowing your regional heritage and lifestyles is a great help in consuming the proper foods and avoiding those that are harmful.

The following are top health risk factors, that can better be avoided or altered with our genealogical knowledge.

Cigarette smoking

Diabetes mellitus

Diagnosed high blood pressure

Family history of coronary disease or other atherosclerotic disease in parents/siblings

High cholesterol

High Resting HR

High triglyceride and/or abnormal

High-density lipoprotein ration


Poor eating habits

Sedentary lifestyle

REFERENCE: Exercise Standards and Guidelines Reference Manual, ©1995 Aerobics and Fitness Associations of America, Sherman Oaks, CA.