The Orange Grove was one of several areas built by Treasury Department between Cape Canaveral and Cape Florida for rescue and sustenance of shipwrecked. It was named for the wild sour orange grove nearby. The first keeper of the house, H.D. Pierce, arrived with family May 1876.  Stephen N. Andrews was last keeper, who cared for the grove from from September 1877 to October 1, 1896. The area’s first post office, Zion, was located in the Orange Grove House from 1888 to 1892, with Mrs. Annie E. Andrews acting as postmaster. The House burned March 2, 1927 but one may visit the area, on North A1A, and enjoy our beautiful beach and historic past.

Sources: Jonathan Dickinson Chapter National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution In Cooperation With The Florida Historical Society and the Florida Board of Parks and Historic Memorials.

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