Did you know discovering your roots can greatly assist in your present day health? Many conditions are hereditary and/or psychosomatic. Knowing and understanding your genealogy can help you diagnose, treat and even avoid these conditions in ourselves and our children. Additionally, knowing your regional heritage and lifestyles is a great help in consuming the proper foods and exercise, and avoiding those that are harmful.

There are many factors involved depending on which gene carries the defect, whether the gene is recessive or dominant and whether one or both parents have the disease or if one or both are carriers. However, in many cases the odds are completely predictable. If both parents are carriers, as above, 25% of the children will have the disease, 75% will be healthy but 50% will be carriers. If the gene is recessive and one parent has the disease and the other healthy, the children will not have it but all will be carriers. (Since the parent with the disease had to receive two genes with the disease in order to have it, he only has the disease ones to pass on.) These odds apply to each pregnancy. Even if the parents have a normal child, they need to be aware that the child may be a carrier.

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