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Some of our more forward-thinking ancestors from Generation eight on back. Quite honestly, the list should list all the wives of these folks, as they were and still are the backbone and driving force of all men. Look for our publication “American Pioneer Chronicles: Women, The Backbone & Soul of Our Nation” coming soon. It is important to note that the European Genetic isopoint is currently about the tenth century, when all Europeans are related. In other words, all those with European ancestry are related to Charlemagne. Therefore, in the lists below, more stock is placed on ‘recent’ ancestors who are direct line that are listed in wikipedia, not on the distant or collaterals relatives. Ancestor designates either an historic person or place.

Penman Stoddart

Recent ancestors in wiki:

1657       Alexander Gilmour, Baronet of Craigmillar

1640c     George Ross, Lord Ross of Halkhead

1605       William Cochrane, Earl of Dundonald

1605       John Gilmour of Craigmillar

1560c     William Ross, Lord Ross of Halkhead

1530c     James Ross, Lord Ross of Halkhead

Recent ancestors not in wiki:

1547       John Alexander, Lord of Blair

1502       John V, Lord of Blair

Distant ancestors in wiki:

15th C     David Leslie, Baron of Pitcaple

15th C     William Walker, Yorkshire gentleman

14th C     Gilbert Hay, Knight of Dronlaw

Goodman Brown

Recent ancestors in wiki:

1521       Johannes Wolf, Swiss Reformed theologian

Recent ancestors not in wiki:

1740       Peter Braun, Colonial Manager for Pres. Washington

Collateral ancestors:

Les Brown, American composer & musician

Discounted connections:

Johann Jakob Wolff von Todenwarth

Ramp Coons


Hensel Guise

Recent ancestors in wiki:

1496       Guise House, French noble family, partly responsible for the French Wars of Religion

Recent ancestors not in wiki:

1694       Casper Hentzelle, Palatine gentleman

Collateral ancestors:

Luise Hensel, Prussian poet

Wilhelm Hensel, Prussian composer, husband of Fanny Mendelssohn

Workman Romberger

Recent ancestors in wiki:

1842       Romberger-Stover House, historic home located at Berrysburg, Dauphin (Balzer Romberger)

1720       Established Pennypacker Mills, Philadelphia (now Montgomery); Washington’s HQ (Henry Pennebecker)

1642       Emich I, Count of Leiningen

Recent ancestors not in wiki:

1730c     Christian Lehman homestead, Hanover, Lancaster (now Dauphin)

1658c     Abraham Wybrant, Dutch pioneer

Distant ancestors in wiki:

15th C     John IV of Nassau-Dillenberg

15th C     John II of Nassau-Wiesbaden-Idstein

15th C     Philip the Younger, Count of Lohr

15th C     Johann VI, Count of Salm

13th C     Otto II, Prince of Lüneburg

Collateral ancestors:

Dwight Eisenhower, American President

Galusha Pennypacker, Civil War General

Marlon Brando, American actor

Samuel Pennypacker, Pennsylvania Governor

Elijah Pennypacker, American abolitionist

Johann Pfannebecker, Flomborn lawyer, government councilor

Updegrove Reisch

Recent ancestors in wiki:

1912       Established Upthegrove Beach, Okeechobee; named for Union Capt W H Upthegrove (Abraham Opdengraef)

1789       David Benjamin Updegraff, American conductor of the Underground Railroad/minister of Friends church

1750       Nathan Updegraff, American founder and delegate to Ohio’s first constitutional convention

1650c     Abraham Opdengraff, Colonial abolitionist

1585       Herman Opdengraff, Krefeld Mennonite community leader

Distant ancestors in wiki:

11th C     John Benfield, General for William the Conqueror

Collateral ancestors:

William Penn, British Founder of Pennsylvania Colony

Disproven connections:

Emperor Ferdinand I; John William, Cleves

Culp Schneck

Recent ancestors in wiki:

1769       Johann Erdmann Hummel, Hessian painter

1750c     Kistler Creek is a 6.8-mile-long tributary of Maiden Creek, Berks

1737       St Pauls Blue Lutheran church, Coopersburg (Peter Marsteller)

1735       Established Schoeneck, West Cocalico, Lancaster (PA Dutch translates to “pretty corner”) (George Schoeneck)

1717       Established Kolb Homestead, Lower Salford, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) (Dielman Kolb)

1682       Established Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia (William Rettinghaus)

1642       William Rettinghaus, Colonial Mennonite minister

Recent ancestors not in wiki:

1680c     Martin Kolb, Colonial Mennonite Bishop

1666       Nicolas Rittenhouse, Colonial Mennonite Minister

1520c     Jan de Voss, Burgomaster of Hanschooten

Collateral ancestors:

Corey Hertzog, American soccer star

Nancy Kulp, American actor

Batdorf Stoner

Recent ancestors in wiki:

1730c     Established Bachmanville, Dauphin, first public building 1840s (Wendel Bauman)

1723       Established Fort Zeller, Lancaster (now Lebanon) (Heinrich Zeller)

1719       Established Herr homestead, Lancaster; oldest surviving dwelling in County (Hans Herr)

1686       Georg Bachmann, Pennsylvania Mennonite immigrant

1639       Hans Herr, Colonial Bishop

Recent ancestors not in wiki:

1635       Johannes Jacob Peter Batdorf, Hessian Professor

Distant ancestors in wiki:

15th C     Marx Röist, Burgomaster of Zurich

15th C     Caspar Forstmeister von Stuttgart, illegitimate child of Ulrich V

15th C     Dr. Hans Hector Schad von Mittelbiberach

11th C     Hugo Herr, Knight of Bilried

Collateral ancestors:

Johann Wilhelm Anspach, burgomaster of Schwabenheim an der Selz

Dorothée Anspach, Duchess Louise Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Unproven connections:

King Philip VI, King Rudolf I, Duke William, Count Jacques de Sellaire, and Countess Clothilde de Valois de Reni.

Welker Messersmith

Recent ancestors not in wiki:

1695       Jean Guerne, Burgomaster of Eschert

Collateral ancestors:

Kristen Welker, American journalist

Wes Welker, American footballer

Willy Messersmitt, American aircraft manufacturer

Peters Enders

Recent ancestors in wiki:

1825       Established Enders, Dauphin, purchased 1778 (Philip Enders)

1764       Therese Huber, Saxon author, one of the so-called Universitätsmamsellen

1572       Cornelius Lambert Hendrickson, Dutch Explorer

Recent ancestors not in wiki:

1742       William Clark, American Revolution Captain

1740       Philip Enders, American Revolution Captain

1550       L. Barrentje Hendrickson, Dutch Admiral

Collateral ancestors:

Ralph Peters, American Army Lt. Colonel

Swartz Thornton

Recent ancestors in wiki:

1740c     Mennonite Church, Salford, PA (Leonard Breitenstein)

1740c     Established Meiser homestead, Millbach, Lancaster (now Lebanon), oldest surviving dwelling (Henry Meiser)

1733       Half Moon Inn, Newtown, Bucks (Joseph Thornton)

1657       Brian of Stapleton, Sheriff of Norfolk

Recent ancestors not in wiki:

1762c     John Thornton, American Revolution Corporal

Distant ancestors in wiki:

15th C     William Plumpton, British gentleman

15th C     Miles Stapleton, Lord of the Manor of Ingham,

14th C     Brian of Stapleton, Knight of Yorkshire

14th C     William Bardolf, Baron of Wormegay

14th C     Robert Plumpton, Knight of Yorkshire

13th C     Edward I, King of England

13th C     Breitenstein Castle, ruins that stand on a crag, Speyerbach valley in the Palatine Forest

Wert Faber

Recent ancestors in wiki:

1770c     Founded Wirth’s Evangelical (Salem) Lutheran Church, Killinger, Dauphin (Adam Wirth)

Collateral ancestors:

Michael Enderline, American Lutheran Minister

Unproved connections:

Baron Burkhard Maier Von Oberkirch & Lady Elizabeth Schenner

Shoop Wertz

Recent ancestors in wiki:

1770c     Established Deibler’s Gap & Deibler’s Dam, Northumberland (Matthias Deibler)

Recent ancestors not in wiki:

1747       Michael Garman, American Revolution Sergeant

Collateral ancestors:

Ralph Garman, American actor

Rowe Rudy

Recent ancestors not in wiki:

1747c     Frank Row, American Revolution Sergeant

Collateral ancestors:

Jonas Row, Pennsylvania postmaster

Frantz Gieseman

Recent ancestors in wiki:

1594       Martin Neuffer, Palatine Professor, lawyer & doctor

Recent ancestors not in wiki:

1556       Johannes Neuffer, Bürgermeister of Münsinger

Collateral ancestors:

Nicholas Heck, American geophysicist



McCloud Murphy


Servis Farrow

Recent ancestors in wiki:

1853       Established Zerbe Township, Northumberland, settled late 1700’s (Jacob Servis)

1756       Established Fleming House, Hunterdon (Samuel Fleming)

1717       Established Flemington, Hunterdon  (Samuel Fleming)

1524c     Arthur Champernowne, Sheriff of Devon

1500c     Robert Ferrar, Yorkshire-born Bishop of St David’s in Wales

Recent ancestors not in wiki:

1745       Jacob Servis, American Revolution Sergeant

1680c     Samuel Green, Colonial Militia Captain, Deputy Surveyor General

1640       Nathaniel Bonnell, Colonial settler of Elizabeth, Essex

1624       Isaac Whitehead, Colonial Militia Captain, Judge, and Coroner

1612c     William Bonnell, British General

1500c     Philip Champernowne, Sheriff of Devon

Distant ancestors in wiki:

15th C     Thomas Stanley, Baron Stanley, King of Mann

15th C     John Savage, British military commander

15th C     Edmund Carew of Mohuns Ottery

14th C     Malcolm Fleming, Duke of Tipton

13th C     House of Monet de la Marck

Collateral ancestors:

Alexander Fleming, Scottish Doctor

Jean Joseph Mounier, French judge

Layman Kline

Collateral ancestors:

William McKinley, American President

Steve Kline, American baseballer

Raymond Rouse

Recent ancestors in wiki:

1772       St Lukes Stahleys Church, New Bridgeville, York (Lucas Raus, founder/minister)

1758       Blymire (St Johns) Church, Dallastown, York (Peter Bleymeier)

1728       Johann Georg Andreas Stein, Palatine maker of keyboard, a central figure in the history of the piano

Recent ancestors not in wiki:

1723       Dr. Lucas Raus, Colonial Lutheran Minister

1651       Johannes Geiselman, Baden Judge

Oberlander Warner

Recent ancestors in wiki:

1783       Hottenstein Mansion, aka Huddestystettle, historic home, Maxatany, Berks

1756       Old St Michael Conewago Church, Hanover, York (Adams) (Geo Bager founder/minister)

1734       Johann Daniel Bager, Hessian painter

1725       George Bager, Colonial Lutheran Minister

1671c     Ernst Johann Wilhelm von Hottenstein, Burgermeister of Esslingen

1613       Burkhardt Lucius Lotz, Palatinate gentleman

Distant ancestors in wiki:

4th C       Reibold von Hottenstein, Count of Hottenstein

Collateral ancestors:

Sebastian Kneipp, Bavarian Priest, Water Doctor

Henry Louis Baugher, American minister

Jesse C Runkle, American gentleman

Gipe Ulrich


Anderson Arnold

Recent ancestors in wiki:

1727       Established Waterford (now Marietta), Lancaster (James Anderson)

1720c     Established Anderson Ferry, Lancaster (James Anderson)

Recent ancestors not in wiki:

1721       James Anderson, American Revolution Captain

1678       James Anderson, Colonial Presbyterian Minister

Unproven connections:

Vanderculin line: Charlemagne, Hugh Capet, Alfred the Great, William I of England, Henry II of England, Willem van Oranje; Anderson line: John Anderson, Lord provost of Glasgow

Bordner Emrich

Recent ancestors in wiki:

1750c     Established Bordnersville, Lancaster (now Lebanon) (Balzer Bordner)

1727       St Johns Reeds Church, Stoucshburg, Berks (Michael Reed)

Recent ancestors not in wiki:

1612       Christopher Emmerich, Hessian gentleman

Distant ancestors in wiki:

8th C       Charlemagne, Roman Emperor

Collateral ancestors:

Michael Strahan, American footballer

Gaugler Heim

Recent ancestors not in wiki:

1790c     St Jacob Union Church, Paxinos, Northumberland (Casper Reed founder)

1740c     Gable House, Upper Salford, Philadelphia (Montgomery) (Killian Gaugler)

1653       Jacob Gaukel, Bavarian gentleman

1640c     Johann Georg Stoll, Baden Minister

Collateral ancestors:

Edward Biddle, American statesman

Nicholas Biddle, American Naval Captain

Kelly Shaffer

Recent ancestors in wiki:

1824       Established Kelly Township, Union, settled late 1700s (John Kelly)

1790c     Established Kelly Crossroads, Union (John Kelly)

1727       Established Waterford (now Marietta), Lancaster (James Anderson)

1720c     Established Anderson Ferry, Lancaster (James Anderson)

Recent ancestors not in wiki:

1678       James Anderson, Colonial Presbyterian Minister

Collateral ancestors:

Woodrow Wilson, American President

Unproven connections:

Vanderculin—Charlemagne, Hugh Capet, Alfred the Great, William I of England, Henry II of England, Willem van Oranje; Anderson—John Anderson, Lord provost of Glasgow

Keefer Arnold

Recent ancestors in wiki:

1806       Established Keefer’s Station, Northumberland (Peter Keefer)

1770’s    Established Herrold’s Island & Herrold’s Run, Northumberland (now Snyder) (George Herrold)

1657       Henri Basnage de Beauval, French Historian

1580       Benjamin Basnage, French Calvinist Minister (Italian wiki)

Collateral ancestors:

Jacques Basnage de Beauval, French Reformed Minister

Bucher Mantz

Recent ancestors not in wiki:

1764       Henry Bucher, Chief Burgess of Sunbury

1760       Tabor Reformed Church, Grubbenland, Lancaster (Lebanon) (Conrad Bucher, minister)

1760c     St Johns Quittaphilla Church, Cleona, Lancaster (Lebanon) (Conrad Bucher, minister)

1750c     Heilmandale, Lancaster (Lebanon) (Adam Heilman)

1730       Conrad Bucher, American Revolution Captain, Mennonite Minister

Collateral ancestors:

Conrad Weiser, American Minister

John Conrad Bucher, American House of Rep

Livezey Culin

Recent ancestors in wiki:

1745       Richard Lippincott, American-born Loyalist, Captain in the British Army during the Revolution

1725       Established Livezey House, historic house and mill, Wissahickon Creek, Philadelphia (Thomas Livesay)

1711       Established Shoemakertown, Philadelphia (now Elkins Park, Montgomery) (George Shoemaker)

1700c     Established Livesey Street & Livezey Lane, Philadelphia (Thomas Livesay)

1660       Established Boon’s Island, New Sweden (now Minqua, Philadelphia) (Anders Bonde)

1654       Johannes van Keulen, Dutch cartographer

1650’s    Established Morton Homestead, Ammansland, New Sweden (now Darby, Delaware) (Morton Mortonson)

1500c     John of Cologne, Colognese friar and priest of the Dominican Order

Recent ancestors not in wiki:

1666       John Houlston, William Penn’s Welcome Claimants immigrant

1623       Thomas Woodyer, British pioneer

Distant ancestors in wiki:

14th C     Toordh Bonde Röriksson, Lord of Pennigby

Collateral ancestors:

John Morton, Declaration signer

Benjamin Shoemaker, Philadelphia mayor

Unproven connections:

van Collans, Finnish Noble family