Did you know discovering your roots can greatly assist in your present day health? Many conditions are hereditary, genetic and/or psychosomatic. Knowing and understanding your genealogy can help you diagnose, treat and even avoid these conditions in ourselves and our children. Additionally, knowing your regional heritage and lifestyles is a great help in consuming the proper foods and avoiding those that are harmful.

“One of the most important uses of history is to help predict the future and avoid the mistakes of the past. When it comes to medical matters, many people say they would just as soon not know what the future holds. This might have made sense in the past when a person could not do much about his medical future. However, we now have lots of options, and based on what you know of your family’s medical history, you may be able to influence your future health.”

What exercises did your ancestors do? Farmer, Laborer, Miner, Homemaker…?

Here are some wonderful Fitness Disciplines to keep us fit:


Balance training

Cardiovascular training


Functional training

Indoor cycling and step class


Resistance training

Tai Chi or Qigong


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