May each and every feather in its wings

serve to write a Declaration of Independence

for as many nations.

Henry Bucher (Newspaper comment)

Scattered o’er various fields by heaven,

Through various pathways lead,

What happiness in peace to meet,

Around a common head!

The pleasures of the Past recall,

And tell the tales again

If infant dreams, and childhood’s joys,

And youths delightful reign…

Michael Goodman  (at the Goodman Family Reunion)

Ah, you that breathe the upper air,

How little do you know?

While walking o’er our heads above,

How we get on below?

Where deep, down deep, we daily strive,

Do all a miner can,

With brave hard knocks rend the stubborn rocks,

In the depth of Bogewyan!

Robt Thompson (Coal miners creed)

You’ve helped us in our sadness,

For love and not for fame:

It gives us joy and gladness,

We thank you for the same.

Clara Hensel (Funeral quote)

I remember well that Myrtle really knew how to laugh.

I am the resurrection and the life.

Whoever believes in me will never die.

Myrtle Thompson (obituary)

We remember him. And we untie him, to let him go. For us there is life now.

Harper Thompson (obituary)

Living eternally in the hearts of loved ones

Balzer Bordner (gravestone)

Farewell Mother Farewell. Gone but not forgotten.

Margaret M. Keefer (gravestone)

Mother of all Snyder County Herrolds

Anna Maria Benesch Herrold  (gravestone)

First Herrold in the Susquehanna Valley

and the pioneers of that period are gratefully

remembered by their posterity.

John George Herrold, Sr  (gravestone)

How soon mother and son greet each other in the spirit-world.

Mary Guise Hensel (gravestone)

There is but a stop between me and death.

John Updegrove (gravestone)

The Purchaser or the land and donor

Of the Evangelical Lutheran Church

Together with the burial places upon

Which his remains slumber until the

Morning of the resurrection.

Adam Wirth (gravestone)