Woolbright  Road, Boynton Beach

Thomas Edward Woolbright Sr.

  • He was born 1875in Illinois, he married Lovesta Ione Meredith, and he died 1953.
  • He was an Illinois coal miner who brought his wife and three sons to Boynton in 1912 to grow pineapples.
  • Woolbright’s wife, Ione taught at Boynton Elementary, which opened in 1913.
  • The family lived in a tent until their first house was built on 30 acres at what is now the northbound ramp of I-95.
  • The Woolbrights sold their land for $100,000 during the real estate boom of the 1920s

We find him in successive census record:

  • TOMAS E WOOLBRIGHT 1940, Boynton Beach FL, wife Ione, sons Tomas E and James G, W 50 yo Born in IL, Owner of Poultry farm, home valued 4K
  • THOMAS E WOOLBRIGHT, 1930, Cuthbert, Randolph, GA, living at 194 Upper Springvale Rd, W 55, married with kids, born IL, Father MISS, Mother TN, wife Ione, son Burl & his wife nellie and son Burl, Son William, Alexander, Thomas & James, occupation farmer, no value home, he did owner, but in area renters were paying $8, 82, 10
  • THOMAS WOOLBRIGHT, 1920 Boynton, W 45yo, FL, b IL, f Miss, M TN, mar Ione, 4 sons, Beryl, Turner, lee Thomas, farmer
  • THOMAS WOOLBRIGHT 1910, Centralia, Maria, IL, 35 yo W, b IL, Miss/Tenn, m Ione, 3 sons Beryl, Wm T, Doctor A, coalminer

Sources: www.historicpalmbeach.com

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