Some of our more forward-thinking ancestors from Generation eight on back. Quite honestly, the list should list all the wives of these folks, as they were and still are the backbone and driving force of all men. Look for our publication “American Pioneer Chronicles: Women, The Backbone & Soul of Our Nation” coming soon. It is important to note that the European Genetic isopoint is currently about the tenth century, when all Europeans are related. In other words, all those with European ancestry are related to Charlemagne. Therefore, in the lists below, more stock is placed on ‘recent’ ancestors who are direct line that are listed in wikipedia, not on the distant or collaterals relatives. Ancestor designates either an historic person or place.

Thompson Russell line:

Recent ancestors in wiki:

1854      Established Sheridan, Schuylkill, PA (Alexander Thompson)

1805      Alexander Thompson, Scottish-American Entrepreneur

1550c    Henry Nisbet, Lord Provost of Edinburgh

Recent ancestors not in wiki:

1621      John Thomson, Haddington gentleman

Distant ancestors in wiki:

15th C    Thomas Stewart, Knight

15th C    Alexander Stewart Thomson

14th C     Robert II, King of Scotland

14th C    Prince Alexander Steward, Earl of Buchan

14th C    Alexander Stewart, Earl of Mar

Collateral ancestors:

George Thomson, Scottish musician

Thomas Thomson, Scottish botanist