Linton Boulevard, located in Delray Beach is named for William Seelye Linton. Below are some highlights of William’s life:

  • 1856 born in Clair, MI
  • 1878 married Ida M Lowry and engaged in the lumber business with his father in Saginaw, MI; also was connected with other business enterprises.
  • 1884-1885 was a member of the East Saginaw common council
  • 1887-1888 was a member of the Michigan House of Representatives
  • 1892 elected to the 53rd United States Congress; Linton was also president of the Saginaw Water Board and was elected mayor of Saginaw
  • 1898-1914 was appointed postmaster of Saginaw
  • 1905-1911 and 1913-1917 was president of the Saginaw Board of Trade
  • 1910 Living at 811 Jefferson Ave, Saginaw, MI with wife Ida M and children Raymond, Laurence, and Elsie. Linton was a post master.
  • 1914 was an unsuccessful candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor of Michigan, losing to Chase S. Osborn.
  • 1919 was appointed in a member of the Michigan State Board of Tax Commissioners
  • 1920 living at 811 South Jefferson Ave, Saginaw. MI with wife Ida M and children Laurence and Elsie . Linton was employed as a tax commissioner for state office
  • 1927 Linton named secretary a few weeks before his death in Lansing; William Linton died in Lansing, Michigan

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