Anna Margaret Bittel was a forceful and dynamic pioneer who, against all odds, succeeded in establishing an American family. Teenage Margaret would immigrate with family from Pfungstadt, Hesse, during an oppressive societal and religious time that forced her family to take the arduous overseas trip, landing in Philadelphia and settling in the small village of Frederick. Margaret became a resolute pathfinder at a young age, pulling on her Lutheran and neighborhood connections, where she would meet and marry fellow Lutheran Killian Gaugler, who’s family hailed from Schonberg, just down the road from Pfungstadt. Margaret would become an unremitting and dynamic trailblazer settling on 290 acres, starting a farm, and raising eight children. Sadly, this brutal life would be too much for George to bear, succumbing at age of 39. Margaret would remarry Phillip Gabel, having another two children. In addition to Margaret’s maternal, domestic, church and community duties, she would also help with what is now known as the old Gabel House, an inn, initially established by her first husband Killian and later run by her and Phillip. Her unrelenting determination and hard work would be passed on to her multitude of grandchildren, permitting them the opportunity of the American dream.