Many notable folks are part of the Chronies ancestry. The past with even links to three fascinating maybe even considered monstrous folks. Lucas Raus was born in 1723 in Marienburg, now Feldioara, Romania, south of Transylvanian Castle belonging to Dracula. Peter Marstellar was born about 1700 in Pfungsadt, east down the road from Frankenstein Castle. Sarah Cable, sister of the Rebecca Cable Knowles, born about 1640 in Springfield, Massachusetts Bay Colony, now Connecticut, was brought to trial as party to a coven of witches in 1654. Here is a chronological list of famous ancestors, collaterals and places.

A sampling of our well-known ancestors taken from Wikipedia’s “List of People from Pennsylvania” include Carol Semple Thompson, amateur golfer—Sewickley, Christian Bowman—Harrisburg, Denison Witmer, Lancaster, Frederick Winslow Taylor—Philadelphia, Gary Becker—Pottsville, Henry “Hap” Arnold, U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force General—Gladwyne, Holland Taylor—Philadelphia, John Stuchell Fisher, 29th Governor of Pennsylvania—South Mahoning Twp., John Updike—Reading, Kristen Welker, broadcast journalist for NBC News—Philadelphia, Les Brown—Lykens, Nancy Kulp—Miffilintown, Ralph Peters—Pottsville , Samuel W. Pennypacker, 23rd Governor of Pennsylvania—Phoenixville, Scott Brunner, professional football player—Sellersville, Steve Kline, professional baseball player—Winfield, and Tom Herr, professional baseball player and manager—Lancaster, Tom Keifer—Springfield.

Here’s a complete list of our more forward-thinking ancestors and collaterals from Generation eight on back. Quite honestly, the list should list all the wives and mothers of these folks, as they were and still are the backbone and driving force of our families and communities. It is important to note that the European Genetic isopoint is currently about the tenth century, when all Europeans are related. In other words, all those with European ancestry are related to Charlemagne. Therefore, in the lists below, more stock is placed on ‘recent’ ancestors who are direct line that are listed in wikipedia, not on the distant or collaterals relatives. Ancestor designates either an historic person or place founded by an ancestor.

Notable Collateral Ancestors:

Alexander Fleming, Scottish Doctor20

Benjamin Shoemaker, Philadelphia mayor31

Conrad Weiser, American minister30

Corey Hertzog, American soccer star8

David Benjamin Updegraff, American conductor Underground Railroad & minister church7

Dorothée Anspach, Duchess Louise Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Schwerin9

Dwight Eisenhower, American President6

Edward Biddle, American political leader27

Elijah Pennypacker, American abolitionist6

Galusha Pennypacker, Civil War General6

George Thomson, Scottish musician1

Henry Louis Baugher, American minister23

Jacques Basnage de Beauval, French Reformed minister29

Jean Joseph Mounier, French judge20

Jesse C Runkle, American gentleman23

Johann Erdmann Hummel, Hessian painter8

Johann Pfannebecker, Flomborn lawyer & government councilor6

Johann Wilhelm Anspach, Schwabenheim an der Sel burgomaster z9

John Conrad Bucher, American House of Rep30

John Morton, Declaration signer31

Jonas Row, Pennsylvania postmaster15

Kristen Welker, American journalist10

Les Brown, American composer & musician3

Luise Hensel, Prussian poet5

Marlon Brando, American actor6

Michael Enderline, American Lutheran minister13

Michael Strahan, American footballer26

Nancy Kulp, American actor8

Nathan Updegraff, American founder & delegate to Ohio’s first constitutional convention7

Nicholas Biddle, American Naval Captain27

Nicholas Heck, American geophysicist16

Ralph Garman, American actor14

Ralph Peters, American Army Lt. Colonel11

Richard Lippincott, American-born Loyalist, British Army Captain31

Robert Ferrar, Yorkshire-born Bishop of St Davids20

Samuel Pennypacker, Pennsylvania Governor6

Sebastian Kneipp, Bavarian Priest, Water Doctor23

Steve Kline, American baseballer21

Therese Huber, one of the Universitätsmamsellen, Saxon author11

Thomas Thomson, Scottish botanist1

Wes Welker, American footballer10

Wilhelm Hensel, husband of Fanny Mendelssohn, Prussian composer5

William McKinley, American President21

William Penn, British Founder of Pennsylvania Colony7

Willy Messersmitt, American aircraft manufacturer10

Woodrow Wilson, American President28

NOTES: Italics designates entries of ancestors (excluding places and collaterals) that have a listing in wikipedia. Superscript numbers correspond to family lines as follows:

1-Thompson Russell

2-Penman Stoddart

3-Goodman Brown

4-Ramp Coons

5-Hensel Guise

6-Workman Romberger

7-Updegrove Reisch

8-Culp Schneck

9-Batdorf Stoner

10-Welker Messersmith

11-Peters Enders

12-Swartz Thornton

13-Wert Faber

14-Shoop Wertz

15-Rowe Rudy

16-Frantz Gieseman

17-Dankert Koch

18-Ehrenriech Wulff

19-McCloud Murphy

20-Servis Farrow

21-Layman Kline

22-Raymond Rouse

23-Oberlander Warner

24-Gipe Ulrich

25-Anderson Arnold

26-Bordner Emrich

27-Gaugler Heim

28-Kelly Shaffer

29-Keefer Arnold

30-Bucher Mantz

31-Livezey Culin