by Marc D. Thompson

In previous blogs, we highlighted South Palm Beach County places and their namesakes. Here are a few more of note:

  • MERRITT PARK, Delray Beach named for Leroy ‘Buddy’ W Merritt—Delray Beach city council member and mayoral candidate
  • MILLER PARK, Delray Beach named for Robert P Miller—Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce officer, teacher and baseball coach at Seacrest High School
  • LEON M. WEEKES Environmental Preserve, Delray Beach named for Leon Weekes: Former Delray Beach Mayor
  • CLINT MOORE ROAD, named for either James Clinton Moore, paver –OR- Clinton Moore, Lawyer. Some further research needed.
  • BARTON PARK, Boynton Beach named for Mary Barton–fought to clean up the area around black Cherry Hill cemetery.
  • JIM RUTHERFORD PARK, Boca Raton named for Jim Rutherford—Boca Raton city firefighter, recreation and parks director, and city manager
  • GEORGE SNOW PARK, Boca Raton named for George Snow–developer, philanthropist and charter helicopter pilot


Marc D. Thompson, owner of VirtuFit® & VirtuGen,