Hey! I saw this story i wrote a very, very long time ago. I remember this happening, but it’s very fain.t It was when i went fishing with my dad! Of course, we don’t do it anymore, and i don’t enjoy it anymore either, but they were good memories. I wrote this story in possible second grade, or even third. I’m not sure, but i thought it was cute and funny. And don’t worry, i write much better now! Do you have any good memories with your dad when you were young?
One sunny day I asked my dad if we could go fishing.
He said “Sure!”
I said, “Yay!” and got ready.
Then we drove to a fishing place. I was so excited. We bought shrimp, worms, and hooks. I said, “I wish we could go fishing right now!”
Dad laughed and said, “Me too.”
We drove to a dock we live close to. We parked in a little space and walked to the dock. We took out our rods and our little case of hooks, worms, and shrimp. We put the hooks on our rods. Then I put a shrimp on my hook. The shrimp was white and pink with a red tail. It was oh so slimy. My dad put a worm on his hook. The worm was pink, slimy, and very skinny.
We threw our lines into the water. Then we waited for fish to grab one of our hooks. I got a tug on my rod! And guess what I got? A… TUNA!! It was all slimy and gray and it had black eyes and was very, very smelly!
But I was glad I caught something. My dad caught a very large giant sea turtle! It was so heavy we both had to pull so hard. I was very tired! My hands were all sweaty. He caught a puffer fish too.