I wrote this report on Right Whales a long time ago, but i still think it’s interesting, facts about whales, etc. Enjoy my writing from 5th grade…
Right whales are one of the largest animals in the ocean. They swim mostly near the east coast and love shelf waters They eat small sea organisms such as plankton and krill. Sadly, right whales are becoming more endangered, but the IWC (International Whaling Commission) and other whale organizations are trying to help whales from becoming endangered.
Where do they live?
Right whales inhabit the east coast and, as mentioned, love shelf waters. They also range from Nova Scotia, in Canada, south to the southeastern United States. In the summer, they usually feed in the waters off Cape Cod, Massachusetts, by the Bay of Fundy, and the Scotian Shelf. In winter and spring, female whales with babies and young adults can be found on calving grounds off the coasts of Florida and Georgia.
What do they eat?
The right whale has a diet consisting primarily of plankton, which are a diverse group of organisms that live in the water, and provide a crucial source of food to many large ocean creatures. Another food in the right whale’s diet is krill, a small, shrimp-like, planktonic creature that also gets eaten by a number of larger sea creatures. One other food it feeds on is the pteropod, a small mollusk with wing-like extensions connected to its body that it uses for swimming. Right whales, like many other whales, have baleen (instead of teeth), which helps it catch prey.
How are they becoming endangered?
Two of the reasons right whales are becoming more endangered are climate change and by excess hunting. Usually during climate change, food the whales fees on moves, dies, or changes during this times, causing the whales to run out of food. Another reason for endangerment is by-catch. Right whales are very large sea creatures, but can accidentally get caught in fishing nets. Whales can also get tangled in the net, causing the whale to become injured badly or suffocate.
Right whales are one of the largest animals in the ocean. They live near the coasts and small organisms such as plankton and krill. Unfortunately, right whales are becoming endangered. The IWC and other oranizations such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are working to save whales.