Does your dog stare at you? There’s no doubt yours dogs like to keep an eye on you. But why? There are five main reasons. One, their showing affection. Some looks can indicate they like you, you’ll see a soft expression and slightly squinty eyes. It should be voluntary. The second is, they’re looking for clues. You are usually the one in charge, what he eats, when he eats, when playtime is, when to take him to medical care, and more. Dogs are much better at reading body language than are reading their own. You may pick up your keys, or walk into another room, he may know he is being left behind. They often monitor your behavior to find out what’s really going on. The third is they need something. They may need to go outside, may need breakfast if you’re a couple minutes late, maybe he lost his toy. Matter the fact, they can communicate with their expressive eyes. The fourth is you’re eating something. A obvious one, your dog just wants to share what you’re eating, because it must be interesting or smell good! The last and fifth, is they are exhibiting aggression. This is not a common one, but it can and does happen. It may be a warning to not come any closer no matter the case. They may be eating, guarding a toy, or resting.