Owning a pet can be a hassle, and you always want to keep them safe. But it’s not as hard as you think. Simple tasks like brushing them everyday can keep them cleaner, a healthier coat, less matts and knots, and more. I brush my dog almost every day, she is a golden doodle, so its crucial to brush her much. Dogs with fur do have an easier time because they can’t get knots, but it’s still genuinely required personally because it seems like something every owner should do to their haired pets, dog, cat, ferret, rabbit. Of course, you must be safe and cautious, but it is really helping your pet, and they will feel better afterward, even if they don’t show it. And you can vary from grooming tool like a fine comb, slicker brush, soft bristles brush and more. It is good to test how it feels on your wrist and to always be gentle, no matter the situation.