Hank is an 18 year old cat that I took care of. He the best cat ever, and is very well trained. He is a little chubby, orange, and has a white tip on his tail and white feet and part of his face. Even though he is blind now, he is still the cutest, and everyone loves him. His owners always ask me to pet sit him when they go on vacation and I am always happy to see him again and to get paid, of course! One time I bought two of friends over because I had to pet sit him over the weekend and they fell in love with him. He loves to be brushed like my dog, Gemma, and has very soft fur. Lucky for him the house doesn’t have stairs and he is getting used to the new environment. Usually all I have to do when I get there is feed him every morning, do his litter twice a day and check for any messes and make sure to give him TLC while his family is gone. I love Hank so much, I think his name was perfect for him.