by SMT

In the beginning, the goal of my Community Project was to donate needed items to pet shelters and then teach them tricks, like “sit”, “paw”, “down”, and more, so when they’d be adopted they’d have some training in their blood. But later, I changed my goal to helping animal organizations like shelters or rescues to help dogs and cats get homes like volunteering and helping out. I really love animals, so that’s partially how I got this idea. I also enjoy pet sitting my neighbors’ animals when they’re gone, so that’s partially how I got this idea. This project did take longer than expected but I feel very glad about what I did, and I met so many people and pets along the way.

My supervisor was my dad. He helped me in so many ways like helping contact animal organizations and being there, so I wasn’t alone. I also feel I made a positive difference in my community with my Community Project because I feel like I made a small change in people’s hearts and the animals. Seeing all the pets made me feel happy, but also sad. Learning the stories on how the animal got there was usually heartbreaking; but I got a chance to meet them, love them, and find a chance to give them a new home. I helped volunteer at these events because I just wanted to make a change.

I had a great time helping pets and meeting all of them. As I reflect on my performance, I don’t think I would’ve done anything differently. I believe I achieved a lot and all I needed so far.

In conclusion, the goal of my Community Project was to help pets obtain their forever home by donating, volunteering and persuading customers closer to adopting. Seeing all the other volunteers made me happy and knowing that others still loved these homeless animals. I feel I made a good deed to my community doing this, even if the whole world didn’t know about it, the animals did.