Proper daily nutrition habits are a crucial element to improving and maintaining our health. By refining our nutrition, we will have more energy, exercise more easily, feel better and eat our favorite holiday foods guilt-free. Here are a few tips to assist us in proper nutrition.

  1. Focus on whole foods as main sources of each meal, no GMO’s!
  2. Eat in moderation
  3. Hydrate daily, but do not over-hydrate
  4. Enjoy a complete breakfast
  5. Eat small meals every 3-4 hours, occasionally even more often
  6. Include a VARIETY of healthy foods, having the same breakfast or lunch each day is restrictive and fails to incorporate all nutrients
  7. Meals should be of a sound nutritional basis, avoid diets
  8. Reduce or eliminate trans fatty acids (hydrogenated oils) and unnecessary sugars
  9. Eliminate chemicals, additives, artificial ingredients, etc. from your nutrition
  10. Consider a powder or liquid multivitamin/mineral supplement if needed

The preceding tips are designed to improve your daily nutrition and allow you to occasionally indulge with a favorite treat. The guidelines will assist in discovering what and when to eat that is most suitable. Just as fitness effects us individually (differently), so to does nutrition. We must note what effects our nutrition has upon us and make changes accordingly. Begin by incorporating these tips into your day, strive for consistency and enjoy improved health.