Most of know we should exercise regularly. But specifically why should we? Well here is a basic list of some of the physical, physiological and psychological impact fitness has on our bodies and our lives:

Physical Benefits

1. Reduced/maintenance of body fat

2. Increased strength

3. Increased power

4. Increased endurance

5. Reshaped body/body composition changes

6. Increased musculature

7. Improved joint stability

8. Increased flexibility

9. Increased range of motion

10. Toned musculature

Physiological Fitness Benefits

1. Moderated and lowered blood pressure

2. Lowered Cholesterol level

3. Improved hormonal function

4. Lowered Triglyceride level; Improved lipid profile

5. Reduction or elimination of medication

6. Rehabilitation of mind and body

7. Increased aerobic capacity; cardio respiratory function

8. Decreased resting heart rate

9. Increased energy

10. Maintenance of bone health

Fitness Tip: The ACSM recommends 3-5 days of cardio for about 30-60 minutes.

Psychological Fitness Benefits

1. Feel better

2. Enjoy life

3. Have fun

4. Conquer challenges

5. Look good

6. Increase self-esteem, self-efficacy, self-confidence

7. Improve socialization

8. Relieve depression

9. Relieve/reduce anxiety

10. Maintain cognitive function

So let’s take at least thirty minutes a day to devote to our body’s and mind’s health.