We all need to change up our workouts, here’s one of my favorites I used on myself and two clients skype last week. It’s called the FULL BODY BLITZ VPT WORKOUT!

Alternate toe touch, 1 minute
Burpees, 1minute
Jump squat – 3×1 minute
Crunch/Sit up/Crunch – 3×20, repeat 3 times, no break
V sit up/Sit up/V sit up – 3×20, repeat 3 times
One leg calf raise, 1 minutes Left leg
Squat – 2×30, 2×24, 2×20
One leg calf raise, 1 minutes Right leg
Lunge – 2×30, 2×24, 2×20, no break
Pull up/Superman/Side low plank hip lift
Pushup – 4×20, rest, 4×15, rest, 4×12
Tricep dip, 1 minute
Close grip pushup – 2×20, repeat 3times
Crunch/Reverse crunch/Crunch – 3×20, repeat 3 times, no break
Up dog/down, 1minutes
High/low plank, 1 minute
Teaser/V sit up – 3×20, repeat 3times, no break

FITNESS TIP: Teasers and V-up done in pilates fashion are an excellent core exercise.

Marc D. Thompson, owner of VirtuFit®, is a prominent fitness trainer and personal coach with a background in exercise physiology, medicine, integrated functionality and dynamic flexibility. He has pioneered virtual training, teaching via Skype one-on-one sessions and group classes on each continent. Approaching fitness holistically, Marc believes the fusion of creativity and practicality is essential in moving each individual toward their health and fitness goals. His fitness books are available at http://www.marcdthompson.net/fitness-books/fitness-books