Fitness grants us all sorts of benefits. The follows two lists show some General and some Physical benefits of pursuing health & fitness workouts.

General Benefits:

Improved balance

Improved cardiac health

Improved coordination

Improved functionality

Improved overall health

Improved posture

Improved sex life

Improved sleep

Improved sports performance

Increased productivity at home, work, etc.

FITNESS TIP: Beware of absolutes if fitness and nutrition. As individuals we are affected differently by stress, environment and general living and playing. Find what works for you!

Physical Benefits:

Improved joint stability

Increased endurance

Increased flexibility

Increased musculature

Increased power

Increased range of motion

Increased strength

Reduced/maintenance of body fat

Reshaped body/body composition changes

Toned musculature

FITNESS TIP: Consider combining two of fitness modalities for fun and variety, eg, Cardio yoga, Cardio core, Spin/Weights, etc.