Just as we need to challenge the body and mind, we also need Recovery. Here are some of my recommendations:

At least 30 minutes per day downtime, self-time, no worries
Consultation with health practitioner for injuries lasting over 14 days
Deep sleep of proper duration
Elimination or moderation of alcohol, caffeine, and other diuretics
One day off per week and one week off per quarter
Proper nutrition including breakfast and easily assimilated multi-vitamin/mineral source
Reduction of medication as per practitioner
Regular flexibility including Pilates/Yoga
Regular massage
Sufficient hydration

FITNESS TIP: Massage therapy can not only treat issues it is great as a diagnostic tool as well.

Marc D. Thompson, owner of VirtuFit® & VirtuGen, is a prominent fitness trainer, personal coach & professional genealogist with a background in medicine, exercise physiology & family history research. He has pioneered virtual training and teaches via webcam one-on-one and group classes. He also combines traditional genealogical research methods with cutting edge internet surfing while using multiple computers to produce the fastest, most accurate results. Along with over 25 years of experience in both fields, he draws from thousands of exercises, fitness disciplines, sports psychology techniques, nutritional principals & research techniques to teach and empower each individual client. He currently pens blogs at ideafit.com and blogger.com. His fitness books are available at http://www.marcdthompson.net/fitness-books/fitness-books