Here are some of my fave keys to positive thinking and some essentials for optimal sleeping. These basics tenets can help make your life healthier and more productive!

Positive Thinks:

Action expresses priorities

Be the change

Find yourself in the service of others

Have a sense of humor

Learn as if you’ll live forever

Our greatness is being able to remake ourselves

What you think you become

Where there is love there is life

Your health is your real wealth

Your life is your message

Optimal Sleeps:

A regular waking and sleeping schedule

Clean Bedding

Comfortable mattress and pillow

Daily exercise but not just before bedtime

Dark, cool, quiet room

Little or no heavy or spicy foods before bedtime

Reasonably early dinner

Relaxed state of mind

Stimulant free body

REFERENCE:, July 2014.

REFERENCE: The Only 127 Things You Need (a guide to life’s essentials), Donna Wilkinson, Penguin Group, New York, ©2008