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Some of our fave core exercises. Have fun!


Low side plank crunch, lower and lift hips

V sit up

Stability ball hip lift

Stability ball crunch with band

Stability ball back extension

Stability ball walkout

Rollout with wheel or stability ball

Medicine ball chop

Medicine ball plyometric crunch, throw ball to trainer

NOTE: Perform 3 rounds consisting of 15–25 reps with break between rounds. Vary reps and break time.

It’s Never too Late to Burn

Our top Cardiovascular calorie burners

X Spin (a cross training cvklass combining cycling and weight training)

Enduro (a specialized highly advanced program of cardio, resistance, plyo and isometrics)


HIIT, Tabata, etc.


Cross-country skiing

Elliptical machines


Indoor cycling (Spinning®)

Jogging Stairs

Rowing machines


Step aerobics


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