Variety is key to fitness. Using different weight, angles, techniques, reps, rests, etc. all will kept our fitness progressing. Here are some of my very favorite Dumbbells exercises:


Dumbbell tip toe squat

Dumbbell overhead lunge

Wood chop, on toes

One leg bent over row

Pullover in bridge

Side raise/front raise/rear fly

Arnold press

Concentration bicep curl

Dumbbell chest fly on stability ball, may lift one leg and hold for progression

One leg bent over dumbbell kickback


NOTE: (1) Perform each exercise with 10 crunches with dumbbells in air, 5 dumbbell Santana pushups and 10 dumbbell rows between each set. Or (2) Perform 4 rounds consisting of 12–25 reps with break between rounds. Vary reps and break time. Or (3) Perform first set of 15 reps, second set of 10 reps, third set of 8 reps, and last set with 5 burpees between each set.