As important as fat is, excess belly fat can be unhealthy, dysfunctional and unattractive. To maintain a proper body fat ratio or to lose unwanted belly fat, adhere to these basic principles.

  1. Proper Nutrition. Eat a variety of clean foods that keep your metabolism churning. Eat slowly and avoid over-eating and skipping meals.
  2. Endurance Exercise. Perform regular exercise including intervals, cross-training techniques, and cardiovascular classes for fat burning.
  3. Resistance Exercise. Train regularly with body weight exercises such as pushups, situps, pullups with short breaks and high intensity.
  4. Practice Yoga. Doing yoga, pilates and other disciplines will keep the body functioning well, as say “namaste” to fat!
  5. Hydration. Eliminate or reduce alcohol, coffee, milk, juices and other beverages, especially those with carbonation, and instead drink sufficient water. Period. Some herbal teas, such as chamomile, are worthwhile in fat reduction.
  6. Systemic Health. Keep your body systems moving, especially the lymphatic and circulatory systems.
  7. Attitude. Have a positive attitude and visualize you at your peak shape. And don’t be fooled by the scale or mirror. The scale is an inaccurate device that doesn’t display your health or wellness but just your mass. Appreciate your fat lose through ways such as how clothes fit, your energy level, and your productivity. And the mirror is biased. Neurological research shows how we may view ourselves in the mirror as we used to be, not as we currently are.
  8. Holism. Take a holistic approached to wellness and your weight will adjust accordingly. Use ayurvedic meditation to find the desired results.

Appreciate the benefits and necessity of body fat, but maintain only the amount required for your body. Keeping our body fat at healthy levels, will keep us active, healthy, feeling good, looking good, energized, functional and happy.