Would you like some exercises that burn calories, strengthen heart and motor muscles, improve coordination and stretch muscles?   You’re in luck, here are some top choices:


1. Pushup

2. Pullups

3. Squat

4. Jump squat

5. Squat and thrust

6. Situp

7. Lying Leg raise

8. Kick up to handstand repeatedly (use wall if needed)

9. Forward Lunge

10. Back Lunge

Calorie Burners

1. Running (Treadmill)

2. Bicycling

3. Indoor Cycling (Spinning)

4. Swimming

5. Elliptical machines

6. Rowing machines

7. Hiking

8. Cross-country skiing

9. Group exercise classes

10. Jogging Stairs

A great workout design is to combine one or more calisthenics with one calorie burner as an intervals. Have fun, be safe and be well!