Fitness and nutrition are very inexact sciences. There are numerous factors both environmental, mental and individually that contribute to how what we do and eat affects our body soul and mind. In over 22 years of professional training, I have come to only one conclusion. There are no conclusions!

However I have noticed that there are two extremely important keys to life long health: variety and mentality. There are few reasons, aside from sport specific and rehabilitative workouts, to repeat any particular workout precisely. It is also important to pay attention to your workout and mentally follow each exercise.

What benefits would an athlete or trainee gain from changing their workout each sessions and mentally focusing on it?

  • Better progression, meaning more results
  • Safer, meaning less injury
  • Less mundane, meaning more fun

Very typically trainees do a cardio warmup, weight workout and stretch as cooldown. However, with variety, each routine is select, different. Focusing on a different muscle group, technique, discipline or other. Just utilizing the various forms of disciplines can take one through a year of workouts. Imagine a day for each of these wonderful activities: Yoga, Pilates, Free Weights, Body weight, cardio, Kick boxing, Boxing, Indoor cycling, Outdoor cycling, Swimming, Machine resistance training, Circuit training, Balance, Core, Intervals, Fartleks, vibroworkouts, Martial arts, Tai Chi, etc.

Creativity is the guiding force in variety of workouts. Here are a few of my favorites: Resistance circuits, Posterior training (only work posterior muscle groups), Slo-Motion reps, Split days, 45/45 (i.e., do 45 exercises in 45 minutes without a break), Intervals of cardio with resistance training, Isometrics, Plyometrics, Speed reps, Outdoor workouts, Aquatic Resistance (land exercises with swimming intervals), Cardio Core (Core work with Plyometrics), Fusion Yoga (multi-disciplinary yoga styles merged together), etc.

The possibilities are endless and after having directed over ½ million training sessions none of which were the same, it is possible to workout through an entire lifetime and never duplicate.