Regardless of your age, we ALL need to continually improve our wellness. Here are a few pointers for us as we become wiser with age.

40’s-50’s Fitness

1. Keep mundanity at bay

2. Use a variety of activities

3. Keep at the Flexibility training

4. Remember to do Cardivascular training

5. Do Strength training

6. Play sports such as tennis, golf

7. Focus on Core training

8. Balance training

9. Do Mental & Cognitive training

10. Practice Yoga

60-70’s Fitness

1. Keep it real

2. Functional fitness

3. Participate in Tai Chi/Aquatics

4. Keep at the Cardiovascular training

5. Strength training every day

6. Pay attention to body

7. Rest if needed

8. Play sports as able (e.g., golf, tennis)

9. Core/Balance training

10. Mental training