Water is the most valuable element in or for the human body. By practicing wise hydration tactics, the body’s energy, ability, stamina and recovery can be optimized.

Water supports our metabolic functions and as a transportation system:

  1. Maintaining  a balance of water obtained and water lost is paramount
  2. In taking or losing too much water can have disastrous effects
  3. Increase your water intake prior to exercise and after exercise
  4. Use a clean. pure water source
  5. Drink water regularly throughout the day
  6. Determine the amount  of water needed by paying attention to your body
  7. Consult your health practitioner regarding diuretic medications

Make it a goal to stay properly hydrated. Remember although most people are dehrydrated, it is possible to drink too much water. Water nourishes, cleanses, rejuvenates and makes us move easily and feel good.