Eat like a tourist in Greece

If you can’t grow it, don’t eat it

Read the back of the box first

The crunchier, the better

A frozen berry beats a fresh doughnut

You can’t replace real ice cream

There’s no fruit in “fruit flavor”

If it’s not around, you can’t eat it

Table your meals

Judge food by its cover

Cake’s just not that into you

Don’t drink dessert

Make sure you can ID the animal

Fuel up in the morning, not at night

Don’t buy food where you buy tires

Work for your dinner

Your hips are not a fridge

Watching Top Chef isn’t cooking

Cut yourself a break!



Barbell wrist curl

Barbell wrist extension

Bicep curl

Cable wrist curl

Cable wrist extension

Dumbbell wrist curl

Dumbbell wrist extension

Grip exercises

Hammer curl

Lever exercises

Reverse bicep curl

Reverse wrist roller

Wrist roller

NOTE: Perform with fullest range of motion available. Bicep and many upper body exercises utilize the forearms simple by holding the weight.