Adding variety to our workouts is extremely important. I believe it is the foundational key to progression, safety and health. Here are a few ways to spice it up!

Combine supersets with pyramid or drop sets.

Cut your weight in half and do high reps, 30 or more

Do 100’s: Select an exercise with your normal weight and perform until you do 100 reps, breaking as needed for 5-10 seconds

Perform 30 minutes of weight resistance with no breaks, must have weights prepared or machine pre-loaded

Perform a cardiovascular activity for 20 seconds between each resistance exercise (eg, burpees, jumping jacks, et)

Perform exercise on one-leg with eyes closed, consider safety concerns

Perform exercises while balancing on a stability ball, assure ball is for burst proof

Perform reps in slo-mo, 5 second per rep or longer

Reduce you rest period by 50-75%

Use asymmetry dumbbell loads, heavier weight in weaker hand