Lift’ has many meanings. Here is a great workout that focuses on get-ups, a wonderful exercise of getting from a lying positon to a standing without using your arms or support.

We call it the VPT Get Up Workout!


Get ups – 1×5

Alternate toe touch


Jumping jacks – 3×30 seconds, repeat 3 times

Get ups – 1×8


Side plank isometric

Pull up or bent over row – 3×20, 3×15, 3×12

Get ups – 1×10

Sit up

Reverse crunch

Tricep dip – 3×20, 3×15, 3×12

Get ups – 1×12


One leg deadlift

Dumbbell bicep curl – 3×20, 3×15, 3×12

Burpees – 1×15

Side lying hip lift


Pushups – 3×20, 3×15, 3×12

Burpees – 1×20

FITNESS TIP: Take half your weight, that’s how many ounces of water is recommended per day.

Marc D. Thompson, owner of VirtuFit® & VirtuGen, is a prominent fitness trainer, personal coach & professional genealogist with a background in medicine, exercise physiology & family history research. He has pioneered virtual training and teaches via webcam one-on-one and group classes. He also combines traditional genealogical research methods with cutting edge internet surfing while using multiple computers to produce the fastest, most accurate results. Along with over 25 years of experience in both fields, he draws from thousands of exercises, fitness disciplines, sports psychology techniques, nutritional principals & research techniques to teach and empower each individual client. He currently pens blogs at and His fitness books are available at