Wellness is a tricky business. We are individuals and need different disciplines to succeed. We must think, move and eat right. A general starting point is helpful, and here then are some VirtuFit proven tools for a successful future in securing your health and wellness:

1. Target all muscles

2. Improve all components (strength, endurance, balance, speed, etc.)

3. Keep routines progressive, functional and integrated

4. Keep routines varied

5. Include proper recovery periods

6. Include proper nutrition

7. Include proper psyche

8. Be proactive AND reactive

9. Focus on your form and actions (Concentration)

10. Control powerhouse (core)

In addition, let’s also add to our mix the basic of all fitness movements. Basic movements are Squat, Lunge, Crunch, Twist, Push and Pull. Use these fundamental movments with the key points below, and enjoy functional, healthy, easy living:

1. Follow your body comp not your body weight; stay off the scale!

2. Train low back as well as abdominals

3. Take the steps (not the elevator)

4. In most, if not all, cases, moderation is best

5. Include trunk rotation in exercises and stretches

6. Reduce your stress levels as work, home, etc.

7. Have fun; Enjoy

8. Appreciate exercise

9. Use variety