Here our our foundations BEFORE one even sets foot on the fitness floor. One must have a p[roper positive attitude for health and fitness to be fun, safe and effective.

Proper Routine Building

Be proactive AND reactive

Control powerhouse (core)

Focus on your form and actions (Concentration)

Improve all components (strength, endurance, balance, speed, et)

Include proper nutrition

Include proper psyche

Include proper recovery periods

Keep routines progressive, functional and integrated

Keep routines varied

Target all muscles

FITNESS TIP: After understanding the fundamentals of fitness, be creative and have fun.

There’s Disease to every Whine

And here’s a guide for positive thinking:

Consider the Consequences of Negativity

Contribute to the Community

Create a Daily Gratitude List

Establish and Work Toward Goals

Offer Compliments to Others

Practice Self-Care

Read Positive and Inspirational Material

Recognize and Replace Negative Thoughts

Spend Time with Positive People

Take Responsibility for Your Behavior

REFERENCE:, June 2014.