My favorite animal is a cheetah! Want to know why? Well, here it is!
I started to like cheetahs when I was about 6 years old. They were my favorite animal even then. If I had to turn into an animal, it would be a cheetah. Why? Well, cheetahs are unique animals, and they’re the fastest land mammal in the world! They live in the savannah in Africa.
Their orangish tan fur helps camouflage them so their prey doesn’t know they’re close. A cheetah’s main prey is the gazelle. You would think cheetahs can catch gazelles using their super speed in a flash and can run forever, but, that’s not true. First, they have to find the perfect place to go and wait to pounce on their prey in surprise. But if the gazelle sees the cheetah, then it runs—and they are pretty fast runners themselves. The black print under their eyes is because, well . . . wait. First, think about it.
The savannah is very hot and even sunglasses wouldn’t help. The black print is to protect their eyes! It’s not like they could wear sunglasses like us. Also, their long tail helps them take sharp turns while chasing their prey at fast speeds or running from predators.
I just love CHEETAHS. I hope I taught you some AWESOME facts about cheetahs, and hope you like them too! And that’s why I like cheetahs.