What is a jolly holiday… that people call the red and green holiday? If you answered Christmas, you’re right! I am going to be telling three reasons why I love Christmas as my favorite holiday: being with family and friends, decorating, and shopping for clothing and decorations. So, let’s get started!
First is being with family and friends. On most holidays, like Halloween, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and the Fourth of July, you don’t get your friends or family knocking on your door like you do for Christmas! You don’t get to open presents, play, and listen to Christmas music. On Christmas you do! It makes me think of Christmas as a special holiday to see family and friends.
My second reason is decorating! You usually don’t drive around and see decorated houses along the way, and you and your family don’t get to decorate your own house however you want. And you don’t get to eat yummy sweets like Oreos, candy canes, chocolate chip cookies, or even lollipops! We can’t live without that! I love to decorate for Christmas.
My last reason is shopping! I love to shop—especially for Christmas. For example, Christmas parties— sometimes we get invited to one and I can buy a dress or pretty clothes! We buy some decorations, too. When it is very close to a holiday, the stores have decorations or sometimes they have candies, for example on Halloween or Christmas! I just love shopping for Christmas!
In conclusion, Christmas is my favorite holiday. Shopping, being with family and friends, and decorating is really why I like Christmas. Do you have a favorite holiday?