Hey, this is an essay i wrote in sixth grade about Craig Keilburger and global poverty.
Kielburger’s essay persuaded me that global poverty is a big problem. The information and evidence of the essay convinced me that if everyone sticks together, gives money, and donates their time, kids living in poor conditions will have fresh clothes and schools to educate them. In this way, these problems could be solved.
Kielburger traveled across the world to meet these underprivileged kids and talk to locals. Kielburger met Jeffery, who “…spends his days in Manila garbage dump, alongside rats and maggots where he sifts through decaying food and trash, trying to salvage a few valuable items to help his family survive.” This is one example how bad the conditions. Kielburger also met eight-year-old Muniannal “…in India, with a pretty ribbon in her hair, but no shoes or gloves, who squats on the floor everyday separating used syringes gathered from hospitals and streets for their plastics. When she pricks herself, she dips her hand in a bucket of dirty water.” This is an example of how diseases and germs are spreading without proper treatment. The third child Kielburger met was Jose, who gave Kielburger the t-shirt Jersey he was wearing of his favorite football team. Jose didn’t care if he was going to get cold that night or how people will judge him, he just wanted to share. The essay states, “Every year the world spends $800 billion on the military, $400 billion on cigarettes, $160 billion on beer, and $40 billion playing golf. It would only cost an extra $7 billion a year to put every child in school by the year 2010, giving them hope for a better life.” This shows how we could end this world-wide problem of lack of education if we just invest the money. The essay also states the 1997 National Development Report makes a clear message that poverty can be ended if we make it our goal. Just as Jose showed the importance of sharing, if we take time to share our money and time to these children, it can be the beginning of ending their poverty.
In conclusion, this essay persuaded me that poverty can end. From the information, Kielburger uncovered speaking to these underprivileged kids, there is a way we can eliminate this global problem. But it comes down to everyone helping. Please let’s all work together to help the families of the world.