Hi you! Here’s a short essay i wrote in 6th grade about the great candy store It’sugar (if you don’t know it look it up!) and how it became and the man behind it, Jeff Rubin.
“Everyone else builds candy stores on taste. I’m building on attitude.”
Jeff Rubin founded It’sugar in 2005, which is the fastest and largest growing specialty candy retailer in the world. The first It’sugar building opened in 2006, and is now in over 75 U.S. hotspots, such as New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Scottsdale, San Diego, and Palm Beach!
Jeff Rubin grew loving candy and sweet treats. His passion for candy met its match in 2000, when his friend introduced him to Dylan Lauren, who also had love for sweet treats. Dylan was the daughter of Ralph Lauren, a fashion designer. They soon decided to join forces, combining Jeff’s candy industry and now Dylan’s sense of style.
It’sugar has over a thousand different candy confections to choose from, and we can call it the place for Sugar Hounds and Sweet Tooth Junkies to get their fix. “At It’sugar, bigger is always better” is the motto on their website It’sugar has created lots of candy, but in big sizes! They created the biggest Gummy Bear, the biggest box of Nerds, and more!
It’sugar believes and hopes in the future everyone in the world will be able to access the unique candy they have made and created. Not only can you get candy in It’sugar, you can also buy apparel and accessories! Having left It’sugar after two years (in 2004) to pursue other dreams, Jeff Rubin is still works his job as a CEO and is based in Florida.
Here’s another good quote from Jeff Rubin:
“There are two ways to play it, you could just disguise it, or it’s what it is. Its sugar, were fun, were cheeky, were irreverent, it’s a place, it’s an experience.”