Chapter 2. This Is Like Candy Land
Where am I? I thought. All around me were yellow and purple trees, striped colored pathways, and… gingerbread men? On the colored trees there were little candies. I looked around to see if anyone was watching me as I picked a candy off the tree. It was delicious! This place reminded me of something. Candy Land! What?! I thought in surprise as I walked down the pathway looking left and right at the chocolate lakes and candy flowers growing on the pink grass. This place wasn’t so bad. But then a thought struck my head like Lightning. I stopped in my tracks.
“How could I be so bone-headed?!” I said aloud. “I left my friend and my family there wondering where I was! Maya probably thought I ditched her or something! I was probably here for hours. Now I’m stuck in a world like CANDY LAND!! And of course, I had to lie to her! I don’t even like the board game!”
My happiness faded away as I walked down the blue pathway. I need a way out, I thought. Then I heard rustling in a bush next to me.
“Good timing,” I said quietly, rolling my eyes.
I saw half a head behind a yellow bush. Another gingerbread man? It looked like it.
“Hello?” I asked it quietly, looking at it.
Then the unknown gingerbread man pointed to a castle right before my eyes. Before I got to ask him if he could help me find my way back home or why he pointed at a castle for no reason, he disappeared into the bushes. Great.
I decided to go to the castle anyway. I got to the castle and the door automatically opened. My eyes widened as I saw the giant blue throne in the middle of the room. The chair wasn’t facing me, but then it turned and I saw a king. Probably the “Candy King,” I thought. I didn’t know if I had to bow, smile, or not look at him at all.
“You have been sent here for a reason. No one else could—you are the chosen one.” Then he paused. “The dragon.” He finally finished.
“The what??” I asked. “Why am I the chosen one?”
“You must defeat the darkest dragon of all to return to your world,” he replied. At least the last words were okay. There wasn’t a dragon in Candy Land, was there? Maybe I’m in part 2, I thought.
“Defeat a dragon? How could I do that?” I asked. I would probably die.
“Up there.” He pointed through a giant glass window showing me what looked like a graveyard. This was part of Candy Land? The grass was black and I think I saw some tombstones. CREEPY!
“On the very top of the hill,” the king said.
I had to keep my confidence, I had to get back home. I can’t just give up—and plus, I know karate.
“Game on,” I said. This is totally like a movie, I thought.
“You are the chosen one,” he said again, his face without emotion. I smiled weakly and then headed out the doors. Totally like a movie, I thought again.
Once I was close but no quite there yet, the grass suddenly turned gray. Then black. Did I just hear a crow? I walked slowly up the hill, my fading confidence leaving me frightened. I looked back and I wish I hadn’t.
Fire burst in the air. It almost skimmed my head off, but I quickly ducked my head. It’s a fire-breathing dragon! Great. When I got up, I saw my dragon: eyes yellow, full of fury, with black scales covering its body. Its tail was as long as its body and it had sharp claws. But it wasn’t a big dragon.
“This is like one thousand to 30.” I muttered. I breathed in and out slowly. I could do this. After what seemed like forever, I apparently got the dragon to the ground. It actually looked out cold. I had so many scratches I couldn’t count, burned hair, and lots of blood streaming down my leg. Ow. I used my black belt karate skills to get the dragon out. I was very surprised I was still alive.
I mean, I would’ve just wanted to grab some popcorn and watch somebody else do that. But what if I did die? My home, family, friends? Well, I was seriously still happy. I’ve been in situations in my karate class where I tried to fight the headmaster of karate. I did! Seriously. Not trying to brag, but If there was a belt higher than black, I would’ve gotten it by now.
WOOHOO!” I screamed. “I did it, wow.” I was awesome. Seconds later I saw gold dust float out of the ground, making a sprinkling type of sound. The ugly, scary graveyard turned into another part of Candy Land. Wait, I thought, I have to go back home looking like THIS?! Ow. OW! I thought again, feeling my wounds. Then fortunately the golden dust surrounded me and healed me. I was so proud, even prouder than when I beat the head karate-master.
Then my scene changed.