Finally! It was February 16th, my birthday! I was so excited, but when I opened my first gift at home, something magical happened.
As soon as I knew it, I was in Magic Land. How did I know? There was a bunch of stories and myths about this place and I recognized it right away. There were flying dragons, Pegasi galloping, fairies fluttering, and mermaids swimming in the sea. My mouth was wide open with wide eyes.
Am I going crazy? I thought to myself. I pinched myself a couple times to make sure I wasn’t still in bed dreaming this. I was so amazed—I never thought any of these creatures were real! As I walked through the glowing grass, I saw mushroom houses and flickering fireflies… during the day? The sun was bright and the blue sky was filled with creatures. As I was looking around while I was walking, I bumped into a blue fairy with glittering wings leaving a trail of blue dust. She was holding books, but they fell.
“I’m so sorry, I wasn’t paying attention,” I said leaning down to help pick up her books.
“It’s fine,” she replied. I picked up a book that read in big letters: ALL THE WAY HOME. I looked at it. For some reason, it caught my attention and wanted me to open it. When I was about to open it, two tiny white hands snatched it from me.
“Oh, I was just looking at the… cover,” I lied.
“Humph,” she replied in an annoyed tone.
“Um, sorry, I’m new here…” I said.
“Oh, me too. I traveled from home because I was mad at my parents. It was just a fight…”
“Oh,” I said. “I feel like running away sometimes when my parents get mad at me, but… I never did. They actually love us, a lot.” I explained.
“I’m trying to find my way home now,” she said looking back. “My name’s Violet,” she added.
“Oh, I’m Sophia. I like your name.”
“Thanks,” she said with a smile. “People tell me that a lot.”
We walked down the path talking about our lives. I told Violet that today was my birthday.
“Oh my gosh, it is? Cool! That’s probably why you got sent here today!” said Violet.
“Probably…” I said. “Wait? Sent me? This was a gift I got from a friend… when I opened it, well then, I ended up here. Has this happened to you before?” Suddenly I had a thousand questions, but then my stomach growled. “I’m getting hungry.” I said.
“I can tell. He he.”
“I have to get home!” I said to Violet, looking back. “Where are we?” I asked worriedly.
“Hollow Fields,” Violet replied.
“How do you know? I thought you said you were new here, too?” I asked surprised.
“Oh, well… actually I read lots of books during my free time, and learned about Magic Land. I recognized every place we went!” She answered with a smile.
“Nice,” I said.
“Um, have this,” said Violet. She handed me the book I was looking at last time, ALL THE WAY HOME. “This will show you the way.”
“Thanks Violet. I couldn’t have done it without you,” I said, really meaning it.
“No problem, I’m so glad I met you! Maybe I’ll see you again next year,” Violet said giggling.
I giggled. “Are you sure you don’t need this book?”
“It’s fine. Bye Sophia,” she said waving as I walked away.
“Bye. Have a safe walk home!” I said back waving. I heard a faint “thank you” in the distance. Wait, I thought. How can this book actually help? Maybe a…. I opened the page. I disappeared.
I’m at home. Surrounded by all of my birthday presents in the living room.
“Dinner is almost ready!” I heard my dad call from the kitchen. I was so shocked I couldn’t even answer to say I was starving. Or actually, that I had just traveled to a different world. Then I realized the gift I opened was from Nyah. My best friend.
I always told her about my life being so boring and hers being so action-packed. But how could she manage to do something this amazing? Wonderful? Unbelievable? Was this a movie? Was I dreaming? How could I give Nyah a gift like this for HER birthday? I thought to myself. I looked at the book Violet gave me. “Magic.” I say.
“Did you say something sweetheart?” I heard my dad call.
“Oh, nope.” I try to sound causal. Then suddenly, I saw blue dust float in the air. I knew it was from Violet. “Thanks Violet,” I said softly.